Napoleon Hill principle 2 in action

Napoleon Hill principle 2 in action

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January 16, 2020

I: Introduction

A: How to write a business plan marketing strategy

Why did you choose to write about this? What do you know about it? What are your interests or experiences related to this subject? If this is not relevant, then move on (for example, if you are writing about football, then it isn’t relevant to me that you have played for your local team)

Briefly tell the reader your thoughts about the subject. For example, “I have always been interested in marketing strategy, I’ve found it fascinating how large companies have grown their businesses in the past, so when I decided to write an article on marketing strategy, I turned to Napoleon Hill’s 13 principles for success”.

II: Body

A: Napoleon hill principle 2 in action

Suppose you’re writing about Success. What does Success mean to you?

Discuss with the reader what that means to them. Referring back to my previous example regarding the Marketing Strategy article. “Success means different things to different people. To some people it may be winning the lottery, whilst for others it may be becoming famous. Success is defined by what you want in life”

Briefly explain how Napoleon Hill’s principle 2 has helped you achieve success. For example, “Napoleon Hill’s principle 2 is very important in any business strategy. It tells us the most powerful way to succeed in business is to make your customers successful and they will pay you handsomely for it. This principle is used by many large companies such as: Apple and Google and not only will it make your customers happy, but also you will make a lot of money from it”

III: Conclusion

This should be a brief paragraph summarising your main points and why they are relevant to your reader.

For example: “These points show that Napoleon Hill’s principle 2 is extremely important to all businesses and should never be overlooked”

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