Napoleon Hill principle 1 in action

Napoleon Hill principle 1 in action

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March 03, 2020

Video Transcription: Since now you understand that setting the right goal that's something that you really want bad enough is key to success let's talk about how you can set the right goal and life has many Mis goals and MS goals are extremely costly let's say you spent six months year five years ten years pursuing something that's not maybe the optimal thing for you to pursue that's a big loss that you just cannot get back so guarding yourself against MS goals should be very high on your priority list when it comes to your mindset and how you approach things so the challenge today is that everyone and everything and every organization wants us to do with they need us to do it might be something like a company might try to force us but it's also something like people sending you messages and they want you to answer those messages ensure you'll answer it will take you a second but that second is not time spent getting you to your goals so everyone and everything pulls you away and you need to have that discipline to stay on point and pursue what you need to pursue and there's literally trillions and trillions of dollars spent on all kinds of brainwash all kinds of odd you should eat this food only that will travel here don't travel there study this don't study that everyone and everything is making an effort to pull you toward something that they need in your goal should be to identify your main goals in life and self-awareness is one of the few tools and hopes that all of us have to really then if I hate what's really important for me and this starts from a relatively young age and it just goes on for the rest of your life so let's talk about how to identify your true goals not goals that somebody gives you but your true ones and it's a definitely a lifelong lifestyle adjustment and a mindset adjustment and also one thing that makes it tricky is that your goals when you're 10 are different than your goals when you're 20 then you're 30 and you're 40 and you're 50 your brain changes your body changes your chemistry changes everything changes of course the world around you changes so your goals usually for most people evolve as you age that's also a factors you got to catch it it's a moving target so you've gotta monitor your train of thought all the time learned to monitor closer and closer and identify and diagnose almost where you're going wrong and when and what triggers are happening so you've got to practice this mental patients.

Which is the opposite of making compulsive decisions in doing compulsive actions and it goes without saying that you've got to try to limit your TV social media and news all those things are pulling you away from what's best for you intending you in all kinds of weird directions you don't want to turn it off entirely because you want to be a person of this world and being tune with what's happening but you definitely don't want an incredible amount of those distractions and potential miss goals creeping in because your defenses against them are not all that strong the trillions of dollars that are spent are quite powerful now let me give you a few things to arm yourself with just some things to study so that you become more self-aware and stronger added and more disciplined in it of course you want to keep reading and be a lifelong learner in my case now this worked only for me the other things might work for you but for me what really helped me is I kept reading philosophy literature humanities some self-help books not self-help like I'm crazy help me but self-help like how to improve focus how to improve motivation things like that are sometimes good and I wouldn't necessarily recommend sticking with one thing like only philosophy only humanities you want to explore different things because you never know what you might discover so you want to experience more in different mediums of art when I say art they give me literature can be poetry can be music and can be visual art and can be dance it could be something else different mediums will make you a more rounded individual which in my opinion is the true education because a lot of Education focuses on a vocation just learning a skill like computer programming you learn computer programming you've got a skill you've got a job people say you're educated because you can have a career but are you a well-rounded individual to me that's the true value and that's the true definition of educate or many maybe one of the main components of a true education not the entirety of it and you also want to have mentally explorative and meditative experiences so meditation itself is meditative sometimes for some people going and being in nature is meditative sometimes walking by yourself without headphones and without listening to things but like literally with your thoughts in nature calmly sometimes when your mind is calm it still works in the background and it's kind of working in your behalf on the big challenges that you have and sometimes walking and being in nature actually helps for good ideas and directions in life to float up whereas if you have all the daily distractions they don't get to come up to the surface so in the end what you want to do is become comfortable alone with your thoughts and if you do discover like hey I'm having a miss goal I make it I've made a mistake don't make more mistakes on top of it don't be afraid to reverse course or adjust or course-correct in your life and in your goals because that was the whole idea of being self aware so that you can find more accurate goals for yourself.

So if you've done all this and if you've made yourself over time more self-aware and your goal is still to accumulate wealth the next step is to make sure that the way you plan to get there really invokes your intrinsic motivation really really really you have to want it that's napoleon hill's principle number one and that means intrinsic motivation like every day when you wake up that's what you want don't confuse that with if you're financially stressed and every day you wake up you're thinking to yourself how do I solve my financial stress how do I make my next dollar don't confuse that with true intrinsic motivation towards accumulating wealth if you're stressed what you're feeling is the need to remove stress once you remove stress and make enough money that disappears actually so once you say to yourself yes my goal is to either achieve wealth or another goal that you might pick then you have to decide on very big singular goals and so what we're gonna touch on here is this field of goal-setting taking very big hard to attain very few singular goal either one goal or very few goals but big ones and then either people say write them down or like literally burn it in your brain and if it's really it intrinsically motivated it's already burned in your brain it's already kind of like there can't get rid of it it's bugging you all the time and then because it's your major goal it's something you consciously decided that you want you've got to structure everything you're in your life to achieve that goal if something in your life isn't achieving that goal you're gonna have to remove it or minimize it or do something and I know you're gonna want to do a lot of things but there's a matter of discipline and some things you're gonna have to get rid of so that you make more time and more room to do the things that get you closer to those goals which in this case will be accumulating wealth and if you're not willing to sacrifice and to remove the things that don't get you closer to those goals then that means you actually don't want it bad enough and if you really don't want it bad bad then you didn't want it so then you have to go back to the drawing board and really find something that you truly truly want and then you should restructure your life towards achieving that and it's gotta be almost singular because you've got to put all your effort into it because the big goals they are super hard to achieve and you're gonna have to really dig deep and put all your effort into it together but once you've done all this you have the foundation to get there.

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