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EXAMPLE: 1-page business plan for local business like a lawn care business

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March 03, 2020

Video Transcription: Now let's take a look at a one-page business plan for a lawn care business it's going to be slightly more complicated than the one-page business plan for a mobile app and I wrote it as it was a company that's already operational so it's just a little step up in complexity so let's go through it first the product it's clear hi and the residential lawn care for the Greater San Francisco area very clear what this is we service homes within 25 mile radius the current progress of the business founded in 2012 long time back in a day so this is a business that's operational for a number of years and it talks about a little bit of progress if you're in business already you should mention how much progress you've made people looking at it will judge you by your progress first and foremost intrapreneurship is all about working hustling and making progress so you got the 25 residential accounts and stuff like that the target markets described a little bit again it's the high-end residential market and there's like 120,000 single-family homes and that's the mark you can also put a dollar value on that by just simple arithmetic but I kept it to one page the marketing plan most customers come from Google search the Google 3-pack map listing which is the Google map that comes up in local searches and we also run search based ads on Yelp and Google so again it's search when people are looking for a long pier this company makes sure that people find this company it's not posting nice pictures of lawns on social media sure that's great but the customers typically for local businesses come from search that that's huge also talk about Craigslist that's also common and we pass out flyers and do door-to-door marketing there's a coverage of basic financials a little bit about the team the owner notably the 15 years experience in the long hear industry as operator and manager and marketer which is a sign that a person starting such a business must really have a deep experience or a lot of the experience will come from making mistakes while the business is open so experience and previous success really helps and there's two full-time employees servicing clients so there's a little bit of a staff now and that's the one page plan you see there's a little bit of a spillover so it's a couple of lines more than one page but you can condense any other part of this plan so roughly this is a one page plan and you can follow this to a tee and also have these sections in your one page plan so now please start writing your one-page business plan that shortly after we're gonna start to turn into a full business plan right as we're going through the course.

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