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MISTAKE EXAMPLE AND HOW TO GET ORGANIZED: influencer & coaching business

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March 03, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video let's do an interesting example where we're going to take a slightly confused intrapreneurs with a slightly unorganized set of strategies and we're gonna turn that into a focused plan we're going to turn that into a three centers business plan and a 1 business sense business sentence business plan and this actually comes from a real question from a real student in this course his name is Andrew Lackner and his business is well this is what he wrote to me and he wrote to he wrote it to me in a public course message board so I took the liberty of posting it here my assumption is the he didn't mind it for me to make it public essentially you see it's a lot of ideas and I'll quickly go over it with you it's a life coaching business for people with autism perfect but now it gets confusing with life coaches who are autistic themselves that's a little confusing part of it will have to make sense of it as well as athletic conditioning training program for people with autism ok another wrinkle in their coach by athletes who are themselves autistic another wrinkle in there so it's layers and layers of complexity and ok I also want to start and this is we're only halfway through by the way I only want and then it goes on I only wanted to start a podcast channel I also want to start a podcast channel where hosts with autism talk about their life experience inspiration and I've been I'm kind of gonna skin my skin my head and I've been working on the plan and I could definitely use some wisdom.

They make sense of all this ok so this is common this is where you're sitting too long planning and you've got your a lot of ideas the ideas haven't had a chance to meet reality or you talk to a lot of people and they all say of course in a field like this whenever you say I want to help people with autism everybody says you're amazing the you know there's very few people who would say something negative about it they I think it shows a person with a good heart and so it's very hard for people to say oh bad idea and it's easier for people to say all great so you get this false encouragement of all these ideas on top of ideas on top of ideas but we really need focus well planning a business it's all about focus and this is the exact so we're pulling each other in opposite directions this entrepreneur is getting pulled in non focus distracting with a lot of ideas on top of other ideas and different in slightly different directions with slight synergies we need to add focus ok so a little bit a little bit of a push and pull here but let's try it with a three sentence business plan I would call this an influencer business and life coaching for autism patients and the reason I call this an influencer is because there's already a mention of a podcast a life coach generally online they do better when they make themselves into an influencer so this part of the plan actually makes sense this is really how it's done in fact I'm kind of in the same business I don't help people with autism but I am generally in this influencer slash coaching business where the more of a thought leader the more of an influencer I make myself the easier it is for me to get coaching clients.

So I understand this business actually really well I am in it just in a different subject matter what I did for the marketing is I am I'm thinking let's make this intrapreneur a real influencer in this niche and really went along the ideas that he had previously just added to it so a podcast YouTube channel live events usually influencers have books and online courses for training and especially if Andrew wanted to train other people with autism to help others he should he can't train them all one-on-one but that's why books and courses are ideal because that's a way to teach one-to-many same with a podcast same with the YouTube channel and of course the revenue streams here are abundant selling books courses coaching a live event and and tickets for two live events I took the liberty of cutting out a lot of the stuff about the athletics and stuff about autism patients teaching autism patients because really we have to have the start to this first we have to make the nucleus strong and successful and then then we can add those parts so I took a lot of stuff out with the idea of let's grow into it let's start smaller be successful there and grow into the secondary plant I'm not saying don't do it I'm saying let's do it later and now let's turn this into a one-page business plan here's the one-page business plan for the same business it's a new business and it will help people with autism train people who are already helping people with autism to do it more efficiently so you've got two layers right you're training people with autism and hempel helping them and of course you're training them to help their peers better so you've got two things going on here it does add confusion and complexity all throughout the plan so that part is a little hard now the target market is people with autism and people who want to provide extra assistance to autism patients and maybe those autism patients who are already doing something to help autism patients so we've got itself slightly meta and for a person like me who's just coming into this it's a little confusing so bear with me but this is actually a good example because it's really real this is something that a new intrapreneur would create market size unknown but I am guessing the market for training autism patients to help others or to trained professionals to help autism patients is outside of formal education would be in the tens of millions annually in North America I could be wrong that's my guess the marketing plan for branding because my feeling is that this is a heavily influenced or build business I really like to lean on all the things that make one an influencer live events podcasts YouTube show and maybe even YouTube live and Facebook live also of course very strong leads will come from search SEO and of course local SEO what I mean by local SEO is let's say you are in Los Angeles California well people searching inside Los Angeles for people who are local to Los Angeles it's much easier to rank and that's a tremendous market still so sometimes even though this is a national business maybe even a global business it has a strong local component to it so don't want to forget the local seo I think there's really good clients can come from that and it's easier to get them other ways to promote this would be additional content creation including books and online courses not only for generating revenue but also for lead generation and establishing oneself as more of a thought leader now let's talk about the revenue section of this business plan it's a very profitable business because it's a one-person business and all the revenue is basically just money that the intrapreneur takes home there are costs of course but they are minimal compared to many other kinds of businesses.

There's very little overhead and the large sources of revenue will be selling coaching packages selling online training and tickets to in-person events smaller revenue sources will be ads sponsorships and book sales regarding competition other coaches who help people with autism and probably the idea of training people with autism to help people with autism is relatively fresh and new there's not a lot of people doing that that could be differentiation I actually haven't had a conversation with Andrew I just exchanged messages online so I don't know deeply in what the differentiation would be but I would suggest a few things for differentiation degrees years of work unique maybe creating some kind of a unique therapeutic approach unique training approach deep inside and clear of course that's really important and most life coaches business coaches where they really start succeeding is when they have proven results like they can show case studies and then after these case studies people flock everybody wants those results that the case studies show and it becomes much easier to get new clients and really customer success that that's the ultimate differentiation but in the beginning may be some kind of a unique approach the team is essentially Andrew a canary founder and CEO I hope that this kind of a unique approach where I took an actual students half plan and try to make it into a slightly more hashed out plan is easy it is helpful for you to maybe hash out your own plan.

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