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EXAMPLE: Ecommerce 3-sentence business plan to a 1-page plan

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March 03, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video we're gonna take a three sentence business plan for an e-commerce business turn that into a one-page business plan and then using the tutorials later in the course of a full business plan you'll be able to take the one sentence business plan here and and grow it into a one-sentence business plan and I'm actually very proud to make this video because this video is based on the real story of what of I took a product that really wasn't selling a whole lot and it's a real client and I have helped them turn this into a million dollar business and it's growing and I'll actually show you exactly how we outline everything so I know this business inside and out I've been there every step of the way and let's get started so what's an e-commerce business first of all it's anything you're selling online whenever you are selling if you're selling fashion like t-shirts maybe you make your own fashion design shoes maybe you make hats maybe you make a physical product maybe make a handmade product maybe even an online course it's still ecommerce in a sense so anything products that you sell online and you get immediate revenue that's ecommerce now let's create the three sentence business plan this is a business plan for selling a grout cleaning product if you don't know what a grout is like I didn't know when I started working with this client grout are that the little lines in your bathroom tile and your kitchen tile if you have tiles between the tiles there's lines and those lines collect dirt and get very dirty and gross and there's a specific cleaning product to clean those and that is exactly what my client was selling in the beginning he was selling on a little bit on YouTube on his own website and he was really struggling he was maybe selling like a thousand dollars worth a month a month if that and it was a real struggle and then I came along and I said hey the real way to do it is let's tell this on Amazon let's tackle Google SEO.

Let's run Google shopping ads he was already actually making YouTube videos so that I'll give him credit for that but though these essentially all the strategies we discussed with him and these are the strategies that got him to truly grow and essentially we maximize revenue by selling product bundles like grout brushes in addition to the grout bottles and he sells the best on the market ground cleaner which helps him get repeat customers and great reviews so let's turn this three business plan into a full business plan a one-sentence business plan let's go over the product over you and business progress my client has been cleaning grout for 20 years on his own but he invented this product a few years back and it just wasn't selling and only in the last year or so it exploded from the online sales that he and I focused on so the actual bottle that he sells is about five years old as a product and now that he sales have exploded he's also moving into the pet cleaning ish right once you dominate one dish you naturally expand into another and another and another niche and that's exactly what he's doing now his target market is mostly North American market due to shipping concerns and costs and he plans to move to Europe at some point the target consumer is a person around 40 years old and above who does care about the cleanliness cleanliness of their home and cleans their home regularly but doesn't wanna scrub very hard because other solutions for cleaning this require a lot of physical strength so they're looking for an easier solution and that's exactly what this product is the market size is around 100 million dollars a year in the United States for this and the marketing plan that we'll have here's an extrapolated marketing plan and if you're an e-commerce business by the way most people starting out in e-commerce listen closely because you're probably thinking Facebook Ads Facebook group marketing maybe Instagram know that's the four most foremost ecommerce businesses searches the way to go and as you see we're doing Amazon search Google search and Instagram is the way to remain poor now there are case studies that contradict this but for most people that is the rule of thumb.

So if you're an e-commerce business you you gotta pay attention here so how does what's the marketing plan he sells on Amazon Google search Google shopping ads those are the big three of course if you have handmade products you can sell on etsy as well eBay but these are the big three he also creates YouTube video tutorials for how to clean the product a large part of the marketing strategy like I mentioned earlier is the customer support and he that's how he wins repeat customers and customers who love his products the most and those are the people who leave glowing online reviews which actually cause secondary sales from helping him rank on Amazon eventually he plans to move in to the brick-and-mortar stores ranging from Walmart to Home Depot and definitely belongs there now regarding competition there's a lot of competitors on the market in in this particular niche there's a some competitors have few chemicals it's not a dangerous inside but some of the competitors don't use too many chemicals so it's not toxic but because it's not too many chemicals it also doesn't clean well other competitors use too many chemicals and not only does it is it toxic for pets and kids and adults but also it ruins the bathroom tiles and so it causes a lot of damage and this particular cleaning product is the ideal mix of the two it has some chemicals not too many and it's effective at cleaning this is a secret recipe for this the owner of this the team is really the owner Jeff white and he's got 20 years in the ground cleaning industry and he invented gravities and he worked with the chemical companies to create the solution so that's essentially a one-page business plan tells you everything about a business tells you where they're going how they're promoting and if you're in e-commerce pay really close attention because this is literally in a year this client of mine went from pursuing wrong strategies that didn't result in much to pursuing correct strategies which turned him into a million dollar business in a year I cannot promise everything like that for other people part of his success was his product it was amazing product but you see if you use the right strategies you can really do well and you've got all the strategies right here.

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