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EXAMPLE: Agency or service business 3-sentence plan to a 1-page plan

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March 03, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video let's go over a three sentence business plan for an agency or a service business we'll also turn that into a one-page business plan and using examples later in the course you'll be able to turn this into a full business plan now I don't have a full business plan example in this course for an agency plan but using that large example you'll now know how to extrapolate it so let's go over this what is a agency or service business in this case what I mean is any kind of freelancing maybe you're doing design service online maybe you're doing a marketing agency maybe you're doing a software outsourcing agency maybe you're doing content creation services translation services even tutoring services all those things fall under this umbrella so let's do a three sentence business plan that we're going to extrapolate so in our case in my case I'm going to do SEO marketing agency and I'm going to specialize for dentists that's the business I'm only specializing on SEO for dental website and I will promote this business through leads from cold email LinkedIn outreach and SEO and freelancer websites so maybe up sites like would be good drivers of leads and those would be my main marketing strategies I may also run some ads although I did not note it here it's optional and for the monetization the world is your oyster in this case there are so many options but in this case I chose a six-month retainer packages essentially with the idea of maximizing each client revenue which is essentially that they have to pay for six months instead of just one so that's a three centers business plan now let's actually turn this into a full business plan and so here I have a one-page business plan that you can follow along the product description is approximately the same except I combined it with a product over you and the current progress and here I'm saying new we are a new SEO marketing agency and specializes in SEO marketing for dental websites nothing new there our target market here we've got some new stuff happening in this case our target market is you know the mom-and-pop single office dental offices that have let's say under five locations in a given City we focus primarily on companies in the Western world and english-speaking countries because it's SEO. 

It's easier to do the SEO in English and that's why the focuses on english-speaking countries and the reason its Western countries is because there there's a common there's a lot of people searching for dentists online through SEO where is in the developing world that is not as common so the main countries we target our US Canada Australia and UK for this reason now I have some fictitious numbers I don't know what the how many dental offices there are but across these four countries but as an example there are 50 if there are 50,000 dental offices and each of them spends an average of $1,000 on SEO a year that's a 50 million dollar market the marketing plan I extrapolated a little bit into three different parts you have an inbound marketing strategy with Google SEO local SEO and leads from freelance sites that will drive people to our service this company can also do its own influencer marketing and there's two ways to do that you can hire influencers but you can also become the influencers that's what I'm emphasizing here and we're gonna create tutorials on how to do SEO for dentists and the ones that need more help will come to us and we will also do outreach through cold email and also through LinkedIn so I have you see I've expanded the marketing plan a little bit but this is essentially the nucleus of the right marketing plan for this kind of company so even though it's a one-page business plan we've got a lot of the bulk of this business plan now competition is an important one here we are operating in a very competitive environment there's over 500 global marketing agencies that do specifically SEO for dental websites even in such a specific space there are hundreds of sites out there and to share with you I literally have had multiple clients even though clients of mine which is a tiny tiny slice of the overall pie who have specifically been SEO for dental website and that's the reason I'm actually doing this video this example surprisingly or not surprisingly that's been a common type of business that I've encountered that was seeking my help to get started and here you have to list the competition allow the and also how you are different so in this line I explain how we're different well we are different because we focus exactly on SEO for dentist not social media for dentist not SEO for other companies that we have this laser focus on dentist plus we have on our team ten plus years of work of SEO experience across our team and it gets right into the team that this team can prove can provide amazing quality work because we have two founders they both have ten plus years experience as you can see here this is fictitious of course but it's how you deal if you have a lot of experience in your field and this person the co-founder Lisa also has previous agency experience which is exactly the kind of business we are starting here so this and essentially this is the one page so it's a one page business plan that we turn from a three page business plan and again when you go through the rest of the course you will see an example of a full business plan that plan is going to be of a different business but just use all the principles to apply to this business to create a full plan for this business.

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