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Forecasting for an existing business

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January 16, 2020

I: Introduction

A: Business plans are a way to organize a business for the future

B: A business plan is a written document that consists of a set of instructions and guidelines on how to run a business

C: A business plan is a plan that every business needs to have in order to succeed in the future

D: The purpose of this paper is to show you how to write a business plan marketing strategy

II: Body

A: Forecasting for an existing business.

1. Determine if the company will be profitable in the next year

2. Create a plan for the growth and expansion, and revenue and profits of the company in the next 5 years.

3. Include any new products and services in the plan.

4. Make sure that the company has enough cash flow and credit lines in place in case they need them.

5. Make sure that you can fit all your expenses and revenue together in one document (which is called a cash flow statement)

6. Make sure to include any expenses that may not be necessary, but might show your clients or investors that you care about your company and its future.

7. Investigate what resources you need to be successful and how much it will cost (and make sure that can come from the money you already have)

8. Make sure that the plan has a timeline for when things need to happen and when they should be finished by (which is called a schedule)

9. Make sure that you include all costs of starting up or expanding into another country or state or whatever into the plan, even if it doesn’t seem practical at the time.

10. Make sure that you have all information related to your business organized on a database, so that you can use it later, if needed.

11. Make sure to have an executive summary section of your plan. It should have only the most critical information of the plan, so that people who do not have time can look at it quickly and get the important information. But it should also have some detailed information so that people who do have time, can read it slowly and get more detailed information about your company.

12. Make sure that you keep accurate records of everything that happened in your company. This will be very helpful if someone wants to know things about how your company is doing later on, because you can go back to all your records and tell them exactly what happened during these months or years.

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