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Challenges through execution that almost all entrepreneurs also face

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March 03, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video I'm gonna tell you about the challenges that we encountered early on when starting this business and in the beginning that's when you have the most stressful time the most challenges if you're starting out and you are facing stress challenges problems failure don't worry it's part of the experience it will get better it's part of the growing pains it happens to almost everyone including us here and I'll tell you what went wrong there were some unforeseen things the main issue is that I was able to tell the founder of this company what to do I was able to give him the strategies we had a plan but I didn't execute I was only a coach I wasn't a part of this company I wasn't a team member the founder had to execute and he was very good at executing a lot of things and actually he even though he came from a low tech background he was actually very good at executing even some of the more or less technical things so he was good at it and still things went slow just because even though you're smart you're competent there is a learning curve that's just how it is in every little detail so our marketing had execution problems mainly that the ranking of the website wasn't happening because to rank a website is actually pretty complicated.

It requires SEO and link building and some complicated things inside SEO that takes a lot of like very nerdy things so that didn't you execute it even though I had given specific instructions I used to check in every week how to how are things going and things kept on being like well still haven't started on this just because he was having low confidence and things like this and on Amazon the ranking wasn't happening either the product got placed on Amazon and it was like on page 12 on Amazon for the grout cleaning keyword which is the main keyword that he needed to appear in and so on page 12 he was making any sales and so he was supposed to do the legwork to maybe be fluent around the internet to drum up a little bit of the initial sales a little bit of the initial reviews so that the product started selling and ranking a little better than better so that it wasn't happening and because of that sales were stagnating things were problematic and even though things could have gone better if the execution of this was better we had the opposite of like self reinforcing negative results which caused low confidence unsure the second-guessing of yourself and your strategies and the low confidence plagues a lot of entrepreneurs there's no one who's confident all the time but entrepreneurs they have a lot of failure and the low confidence is a major issue and led to a lot of starts and stops.

He would take a step back from the online business he would come back because he also had the full time business of actually cleaning the grout that service was still keeping paying the bills in the online business of selling the grout cleaning product wasn't paying the bills just yet so he only had up really a part time marketing effort that would put into it and even the part time would be extra part time because he would procrastinate he would have that low confidence time periods it would really spiral down at times and week to week to week and sometimes it would turn into spells of months where not that much progress now if I was actually executing this on day 1 day 2 day 3 day 4 I would be I would be pounding the pavement getting sales anywhere I can anyhow I can reviews anywhere anyhow I can because I would see the only goal I had was ranked number one in Google ranked number 1 in Amazon boom and I would execute a higher rate but I'm a professional exactly at this the founder of this company wasn't and he had to get there that learning curve that a little bit of experience we wanted it to go smoothly but there was a reality that we had to deal with and this actually caused a lot of stagnation and it almost didn't work out at one point and in the next video I'll tell you how it all got reversed and how things started picking up  

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