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March 03, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video I'm going to resume answering the different business plan questions that I was asked when I posted a question to the students what business plan example would you like to see and in the previous video I addressed a few of the questions like business plan for a beauty salon or a spa and moving on this woman Ivana she posted twice the first one is just a greeting hi Alex and there's the actual question she wanted to see a SAS business software as a service and selling it on Amazon or Shopify business now I address selling on Amazon or Shopify business in detail in this course when I show the grout cleaning business example from the beginning and two years later after that business has reached a million plus in revenue in e-commerce a year I actually added that example to the course after I posted this query and after this woman asked this question and she specifically asked I would like to see real life figures no random numbers and the way you came up with assumptions and market analysis all these things this is actually shown now in that section there's over an hour of content about e-commerce business in this course so I addressed this question regarding the SAS software as-a-service this is a really broad sort of a thing you're saying SAS some of the people asked questions like that and I found it hard to understand exactly what they wanted so in case you find something that I don't address or you would like something addressed and you see that it's asked but I it's are so vague that it's impossible for me to really address send me a private message and explain to me a little bit more and then I'll actually be able to answer your address your situation so I actually addressed this woman's situation her question and I actually wants to group a few questions that are like this because as I go on I see this question about drop shipping well drop shipping is another form of e-commerce.

I addressed this in a lot of detail and there's a couple of other people asking ecommerce and another person asking about e-commerce so these people asked 23 days ago from me filming this particular video and all this question and what I did was I actually put together that that those videos addressing the e-commerce because ecommerce was such a big topic that I was asked that I put like I said an hour plus of videos addressing the e-commerce businesses now the other kind of businesses that I was asked was local company what's a local company I'll walk you through them this photo of italic sells installation that's a local company were they going to be post homes and they install something construction that's a local company transportation there's so many different kinds of transportations it's a really broad question but a lot of transportation especially maybe people it's local this person asks for a lot of different businesses a store like an electronic shop a restaurant of childcare even senior care home these are local businesses and even hospitality industry that could be a hotel or a restaurant that's a local business now local businesses have a lot of similarities I'll explain you what they are and to show you what they are I'm gonna use this tab here and I've already searched for a local business real estate property management in New York it doesn't matter I could have searched for a restaurant or I could have searched for a dentist office all of those are local businesses.

Why are they grouped into this category because the marketing for them is so similar many people think like oh I'm gonna promote on Instagram and Twitter and social media but the truth is these are needed services and precisely for that reason because their needed services can consumers when they need them they search for them often on Google so they search and then there's a template like this google has it almost like a template of results first you see ads then you see the map always comes up and the map is easy to get on it's slash business and you can register yourself and put your business on this map and then you have a lot of small business owner signs and then sites like Yelp which are local business directories and by the way all of them are free obviously they have a paid version like Yelp wants you to pay other ones want you to pay but a lot of them also are free the map is mostly free to get on the only thing you have to pay is obviously Google Adwords but many many many of your best leads that you'll get from search sometimes it's gonna be also fires and sometimes it's going to be business networking sometimes it's gonna be passerby foot traffic but if I go back to the course here you see I answer a lot about how to count out the costs and how to do that when I address the spa example because that's also a local business and I also addressed the local business marketing part of it in that business plan and so these have like an 85 percent overlap in planning so you can take a lot of the insights from those kinds of businesses and use it to your local service there's no reason that I need to create a business plan for a mechanic and a car restoration business in a car painting business or or a restaurant and a coffee shop or a dentist office and a doctor's office they're so similar to doing promote so for that reason I'm grouping the local services and they're showing the D commerce I already did and in the next video I'm gonna show that life coach and some questions some questions are I want to bring up are very vague for example this person asked University College business plan that was exactly everything they wrote this doesn't mean anything it's hard to understand what this meant and sometimes people ask questions that it's really hard like I don't know for example Hospital in the rural areas of Africa I mean I have no expertise in this except you know it's local service you need to have a lot of money for the building you need to hire staff all of these things how to raise capital really difficult obviously so some things are out of the scope of this course so in case that happens you should send me a private message and we can have that kind of a conversation because this is so unique that it's impossible for a course like this to address a really unique situation common business is sure but unique situations just send me a private message probably that's them ideal way to handle that so in the next video like I said let's cover the life coaching or coaching type of businesses because those are common and a lot of people are planning those businesses.

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