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NEW! Business plan appendix section 

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March 03, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video I'm going to show you a relatively easy section of the business plan which is the previous funding and investor ownership and also how to deal with sensitive financial information in your business plan so first of all let's just go over the section you see that there's in my business I don't have any investors I'm the sole owner I own 100% of it these are just example lines here if we look at maybe you have an investor and he owns 20% of the business for a 50% investment which is 1/5 of the business which makes the business valued at $250,000 now you might also have a loan and you want to mention how much the loan is and what the interest rate and if it's paid or how much is not paid and all that now this is sensitive financial information there are other parts of the business plan that have sensitive financial information like revenue figures things like that you don't want to shown that to everybody so for sensitive financial information what you can do there is copy a section like this or a section like your balance sheet and your profitability and all these financial numbers that you don't want to show to just anybody and what you would want to do is create something called an appendix it's just at the bottom of the business plan call that an appendix and you can easily put that in and take that out put that in and take that out if you're showing this to investors or people or people in the bank who need to need to look at the finances you put that information in the appendix back-end if you were giving it to some random Joe from the street or potential employee or your team or somebody that doesn't need to know the finances then you just take the appendix out they don't have to find the deep finances which are private information but they still have the rest of the business plan so this is how you talk about your funding and other sensitive financial information and use the appendix of the business plan for privacy.

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