Balance sheet examples

Balance sheet example from a business plan for a mobile app

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March 03, 2020

Video Transcription: Now I want to walk you through a sample balance sheet in my business plan so for assets you got the current the fixed assets and other assets and basically my current assets are cash that I'll have in the bank and people who owe me clients call me money like coaching clients right that's the assets my fixed assets are things I own so it's basically little things the company owns maybe intellectual property like a trademark office supplies computers things like that so a total 55,000 and a half and then for liabilities basically the only liability that I have for this kind of a business this is an easy business right there's not a whole lot of moving parts when it comes to these things and they're just outsourcing that I owe a bill right and again it's not even a real bill I just made it up for the example sake and then I count up my equity which is basically my assets minus my liability and I get my equity right so you just basically the idea here is just that you count up all the things you own all the things you all and subtract one from the other right very simple very basic just make a list from one list for the other subtract one from the other and there you go you have basically your equity counted up so even though a balance sheet is you know for a big company a balance sheet can be really complicated like if you're like a publicly traded company your balance sheet I mean it takes a real accountant to read through it it's really difficult to understand but if you're just planning a business if it's small it's really easy you really probably only have a few lines in each spot and it makes things really simple for you and so this daunting balance sheet term really doesn't have to be that difficult.

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