How to motivate yourself to lead a healthy lifestyle?

Calendaring Regular Tasks For Habit And Motivation

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May 22, 2021

I: Introduction

A: What is the first thing you do when you get to work?

B: How does this affect your productivity and efficiency?

C: What habits could be developed to improve efficiency and productivity?

II: Body

A: Develop a daily schedule with blocks of time to accomplish goals and tasks. Have a set time and place to work and stick to it. Use this for everything that doesn't require brain power. E.g. checking email, making calls, organizing files, etc.

B: Create a list of goals and tasks and divide them into blocks of time each day. Keep the list visible and make sure to complete as much as possible each day. Be sure to leave time for breaks as well as time for brain power intensive tasks.

C: Don't just sit at home and think about what you need to do, actually write it down and schedule blocks of time to accomplish each task. This way it will be something that you have already done and you will be able to look back and see how productive you were.

D: Don't be afraid to stop working after your scheduled block of time is over. This will allow you to go back to your normal life. If you feel like you can't stop even though it is time, then maybe you should take a break instead of working so hard the whole time.

III: Conclusion

A: Make sure to take breaks from work as well as time to relax and unwind. Take a walk or do something else that relieves stress rather than sitting at a desk all day long.

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