Cortisol & good stress vs bad stress

Cortisol & good stress vs. bad stress

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May 22, 2021

I: Introduction

A: I’ve decided to stay at home with my kids, but I need to make sure I’m still productive.

B: But I’m worried that if I’m not working 8+ hours per day, I’ll feel like I’m not doing enough.

C: So here are some things I can do to be productive at home without feeling like I’m working all the time.

I: Introduction

A: The first thing I need to do is eliminate the idea of “working” at home. No more thinking about it as work, or worrying that I’m not working hard enough.

B: By “work”, I mean 8 hours or more of intense concentration on a specific task. So, just because I’m not working doesn’t mean I can’t be productive.

II: Body

A: To start, I need to let myself play instead of forcing myself to work all the time. Play is an important part of productivity for adults as well as children.

B: Play is fun, and it relaxes us. It also helps us come up with new ideas and solve problems by allowing our mind to wander freely.

C: A lot of people think they don’t have time to play, but the truth is that they won’t let themselves play. It takes discipline to play every day, but it’s worth it.

D: For example, I might want to work out or read or watch TV, but then I tell myself that those things aren’t productive. So instead of playing, I end up doing nothing. That’s a waste of my precious time.

E: Here are some ways I can play without wasting my time.

III: Conclusion

A: In conclusion, you can be productive at home without working long hours every day. In fact, too much work can actually make you less productive because it makes you stressed out and burned out.

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