Best Free Website Blocker Apps

Best Free Website Blocker Apps

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May 22, 2021

I: Introduction

Nowadays, it is easy to find information on the internet. One of the most popular websites is Facebook. You can create an account and start chatting with your friends or follow celebrities’ daily life. These activities are quite entertaining, but they will distract you from doing your homework or studying for an examination. To avoid these distractions, it is necessary to use some apps to block websites like Facebook. This article will give you some tips for efficiently working from home.

II: Body

A: Apps to block facebook or time wasting sites

There are many different apps to block websites like Facebook. These apps are very useful when you are trying to concentrate on your work. They will block any social media website that you want to block. Here are some of the most popular apps to block websites like Facebook.


This app is suitable for both Windows and Mac computers. It allows blocking any website, including Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter, Reddit, etc. It can be used to block all social media networks at once or individually. When you are trying to work on something important, Freedom will block all time wasting websites automatically. There are many different settings in the program that allow customizing it for your needs. For example, you can set up a schedule when Freedom will be blocked or how long it will remain blocked. The app works silently in the background so nobody will notice it.


This app is only available for Mac computers. It works in a similar way to Freedom. All you have to do is download it and install it on your computer. You can set up SelfControl so it will block all websites for a specified amount of time (1 hour, 2 hours or 24 hours). It will also add a timer that shows how much time has already passed while you were blocked from social media networks.

Freedom and SelfControl will help you focus on your work while you are working from home. Both apps offer different features and settings; try them and see which one suits you better.

III: Conclusion

These tips for working from home efficiently should help you focus on your work while you are working from home. Try them and let us know if they worked out for you!

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