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Twitter Optimization Resources

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January 30, 2020

Video transcription: Okay three point six Twitter optimization resources hopefully you've done some research and you know what your want your account to look like now here are three resources that will help you achieve this look let's go through them individually and I'll show you how to use all of them sweet we are here on Twitter covers there is a difference to the spelling in this Twitter make sure you note that and what this is awesome pre-designed Twitter covers that you can simply copy or just simply upload to your Twitter profile directly from this website so I like to come in here to the popular tab because obviously the better ones are normally the most popular ones and you can just scroll down is that here's a great feature of the site it's when you hover over the image it will show you what it will look like when you use it as your header image for your Twitter profile obviously it's a demo profile but you get this you get the idea of it and this works for all of them like that looks quite effective so you just can scroll down and see what you like see what you don't like as soon as you find one that you like it's super easy to put onto your profile you can you can download it or you can click on it get the full screen view and simply set as Twitter cover right here you can browse categories let me head back up to that navigation bar browse categories so you know which so that it suits your Twitter account if you have an account about a sport account you would obviously come to sports find something simple that works it simply uploaded to your account very simple very easy and yeah just a great resource so that these Twitter covers so this is the second resource you can use it is called ultra planning tool in nature ultra planet I don't know how to say this you can see the spelling up here in the URL this is the full URL I'll make this a clickable link if that's possible in you to me so you just want to come down through the Twitter tab you can actually use this website for creating all of your social media graphics but it's very awesome it's very easy to use for Twitter so if you want to create a profile image just simply click create if you want to create a header image create a background image of or so I hope you create it so the thing about this is you need to have your actual graphics ready this would just give you the optimal size and obviously this ain't the right scale for Twitter so if we're gonna come in here and do a header image match up just click create for you're gonna upload images from your desktop that you want as part of your header image you'll then get taken through these steps you'll be able to crop it add a fix to it change like the contrast and brightness and then at the end you'll be able to download and then simply re-upload to your Twitter profile this is an awesome resource just for if you don't have Photoshop it's it's great to use it'll keep all your files in the one spot and it'll obviously publish your finished image for you okay so this is my favorite resource this is canva calm sea and is an awesome research I'm sorry it is an awesome resource for all of your graphics even when you want to tweet an image or an infographic or something come here and create it it's super easy to use really easy to do let's have a look out I'm gonna make a header image so the perfect width is 5 20 by 260 if you remember correctly click design and what it will do is it'll create a canvas for you on the right at the moment it's a blank canvas you simply fill it with what you want so simply come down here to BK ground background and and choose what background will suit your profile and you can change the color up here really simple so I'm just gonna go with a simple loop actually I'm gonna make it green no green doesn't gonna look nice I'm going back to blue come in put your text in here add text text D text simply just drag and drop where you want it you can resize it by we can I suppose you resize the text by changing the size of the text if it's an image you just drag the corners of this box so I'm going to take advantage of that top right real estate over here and then I'm gonna use a preset text style on the left you can see you get all sorts of cool-looking things the free ones are obviously free some of them are premium and they'll cost like a dollar not depending if you want to spend money or not I find that there are plenty of free resources which look great I'm just gonna drag this one into my into my header that's a little bit small bigger again drag it up to the top left hand real estate of my header image change the text here text you text and again drag and drop soup as simple as much as you want or as little as you want remember to keep the simplicity I like I always get carried away because everything looks so good on this website place text so the the the next thing the next awesome thing about this are the pitches and icons so come up here to search and you can see you can get lines just drag and drop the lines in there they look great as well close that lines yeah lines banners grids text holders speech bubble shapes icons let them load drag drag a rocket in as you will throw an apple or a tomato whatever that is so again don't get carried away remember to keep it simple and keep the continuity of your page down to one or two maybe three colors top remember your inspiration and try to build from that there's no need to put pine apples and apples in the same pitcher if you want something further you can you get animals you can search million images apparently there's a million images on here search whatever you want and I'm sure you'll find it for example you want to lie in your tight line and you're going to get lines some of them will be paid that doesn't even look like a lion to me but I you just drag and drop and you have no I've lines okay so when you are finished creating something that you like simply come up here wait till it's saved it's safe link and publish so give you a link to your image if you want to link directly to it what we want to do if we're setting is a Twitter header image we want to download it as an image here to prepare your image in this cool-looking loading bar and then once that's loaded you will have your image downloaded and ready to re-upload to your Twitter profile.

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