Twitonomy: The Best Twitter Analytics Tool


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January 30, 2020

Video transcription: 6.12 autonomy so quit on me is an awesome Twitter statistic software that's gonna help you network and grow your reach on Twitter let's have a look we're here at Twitter anima calm as you can see in the URL twi t o n this is the page you get if you're not signed in so to connect your account simply click sign in with Twitter again we're gonna have to authorize it through the Twitter account I'm gonna use my New York City account once again to demonstrate this awesome app and here immediately it's gonna take us to your dashboard of your account so the best feature of Twitter on me the really high detailed statistics that you can get for any account so simply type in the name of account that you want to get statistics for I'm just gonna type in Drake if you are unfamiliar with Drake he's a rapper and right now it's populated this page with really high detailed stats about Drake's profile it's super useful because if you're intending to network with someone high profile like Drake you can look at these habits what he tweets about the people that he's tweeting to and you can work out a strategy to get in touch and to get noticed by Drake so let's have a quick look through these through these stats so we put these put out fifteen hundred and three tweets since month since March 28 2009 which is 0.88 two tweets every day three hundred and twenty three of these tweets have been retweets which is 21% he mentions uses in twenty six percent of his tweets 13% are replies which app mentions hashtags he doesn't use much of so this is his tweet history graph as you can see he has big spikes where he tweets 12 18 times 17 times every day and you can just come and get a good idea of how often someone tweets and the pattern and when they tweet this is this is very useful Daniel the users most retweeted so if you want to connect with Drake and you can't connect directly to his account first try and connecting with the users that they retweet and reply to if you can get into their social circle and have conversations with them you are more likely to get noticed by Drake and more likely to then get interaction from Drake himself the users most mentioned again very very useful to networking with these people who are lower profile and therefore working your way up you can see what hashtags he uses you can see his most popular tweets his most favorited tweets and here's something really useful the time of the day that he tweets most and the day of the week so you can find out when he's actually online by looking at these stats and then mentioning or tweeting to him at these specific times you'll be more likely to get noticed that way this shows you the platforms that he's tweeted from mostly time for a percent of his tweets come through the website 18 through blackberry and the rest through iPhone and other apps these are the people who heat who Drake is following so the same strategy applies here Drake gets updates from all of these people every time he logs on the Twitter if you can network with these people you are one step closer to networking with Drake I would stop following these people start retweeting them start direct messaging them and get in touch with them to grow your fan base and eventually get noticed by the person you want to get noticed by which in this case in this example is Drake these are the tweets that Drake is actually favored it you can see what he likes and tweets similar content so this is the full statistics of a person's account as you can see is very high detailed and can be very very useful again I just use Drake in this as an example pick someone who has an authority count in your industry or someone you would like to network with and form a relationship with and this is the best way to understand how to best do that and create a foolproof strategy on how to actually connect with them the next great feature about to autonomy which is I'm gonna run you through real quick is hashtags here we go Fitness is already populated let's pretend that you are either in the fitness industry as a personal account all you are in the fitness interest industry as a business so you want to find people who are interested in fitness and network with everybody who is also interested or authorities in fitness so tell me and search the hashtag it could be healthy to be lose weight could be anything to do with your industry and you'll see the top uses who are in the same industries you you always want to be following them interacting with them and trying to get in front of that followers because as you can see they have a lot of followers and this is a lot of potential new Twitter followers who are relevant to your industry who can be following you and getting all of your updates here are the tweets so people tweeting about Fitness I think this is sort of by the most recent but as you can see these are all people tweeting about something that is potentially in your industry if you're in the fitness industry you can do this with any hashtag and you can really easily connect with anybody who is wanting anything to do with fitness that is Twitter on imme it's really useful I recommend getting on even looking at your own statistics looking at people you want to connect with a network with and figuring out a strategy on how to best connect with them by looking at their interests and their habits.

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