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January 30, 2020

Video transcription: Six-point-three Topsy comm Topsy is an absolutely massive social database holding every single tweet since 2006 and presenting it in a very searchable very manageable fashion it'll also give us most current social trends and a great way to analyze keywords against each other let's check it out okay guys now we're here at Topsy comm have a look in the URL for the exact spelling tops-10 source for your Twitter account it literally has indexed every single tweet since 2006 and made it searchable right here you don't have to sign in for your Twitter account you can just simply come in here type in a keyword for your industry or a keyword that you're interested in for your personal account you can choose between the links tweets photos videos and influences which are the top Twitter accounts I'm just going to keep it everything for now and search that this populates over here on the right all the tweets in the past hour sorted by relevance to fitness so it's gonna start with the most influential tweets and the most popular tweets and go down you can solve this by day or week or month you can see there's been over 1.1 million tweets in the last month about Fitness this is a this is an amazing opportunity to connect with all these people who are currently tweeting about fitness and interested in fitness or whatever industry keyword that is important to your Twitter account down here on the left you can simply saw it between the link shared just the tweets consult by photos it's it also be good to to borrow some content or to copy some content for your Twitter account you see what is popular on Twitter come in here copy this to your own Twitter account or even come in here and just retweet this it'll obviously be popular for your Twitter fans because they are the same fans as this industry top influences is going to be very very useful you'll see who the top influences the people who are getting mentioned the most in your industry and it'd be great to try and reach out and connect to them and get in front of their fans and in return they can get in finding your fans send them a direct message tweet to them find what they like and mention them in that tweet so Shauna lytx is a second thing it's really really great really simple as well it you get to compare between two and three keywords on Twitter and will give you for the last month the most popular and the most popular keywords and how often they're being tweeting so if you are in a sport industry and you're wondering what sport is more popular this is the pre the pre filled out search it's football soccer basketball as you can see football is the most tweeted about and then I guess basketball and then soccer so again come in here and put in keywords relevant to your industry you may want to see if we're in the fitness industry you might want to see what's more popular between Fitness healthy and weight loss maybe we should do two words here you see that healthy is the most tweeted about thing so therefore more people are talking about healthy more people are searching healthy therefore you be more beneficial to be talking about healthy than talking about weight loss depending on who you're targeting and how specific you want to get come in here and put in your keywords the last very useful feature it's social trends now because this is worldwide you want to come down here and pick English or pick your language whatever that is and you will see the social trends which are these are now the top hundred most popular things on Twitter right now so the top one here has been interacted with more than 4.4 thousand times which is very high and it's from Gary Lineker lineker I'm not exactly sure how to say that and it's just a simple tweet you come on twitch profile you see it has 2.2 million followers so that is why it's so popular where is the exact tweet this one right here expand this it's got 4,600 retweets 3300 favorites and of course a lot of comments if you are in the soccer industry great to come in here or even if you're not it's great to come in here and see people who are online and advertise or tweet value to them as you can see this person's done that around a garage she's advertising buying thousand followers for any seven dollars gives you a link you don't have to this is a little bit spammy I wouldn't recommend doing anything like this but come in here and tweet maybe to the top uses people who have lots of followers and get in touch expand your network for the popular trends that are going right now once again you can sort by everything links tweets photos and videos so if we want to see the top hundred videos right now this is them right now this is again great for reposting content that is popular on Twitter your fans will start liking your content more and you get a reputation of having great content or it's great for networking and talking to powerful Twitter users who post this content this is Topsy come in here it's very it's quite simple but it takes a little bit to get used to to come and have a play around search your keywords do some research and you start seeing great results once you start taking action on all of this data that's Topsy comm check it out guys.

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