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Pinned Tweets

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January 30, 2020

Video transcription: Okay so this lecture does not actually have election number because it is an update that would have made that I thought was super valuable to let you guys know about essentially I have landed a little bit earlier but it's called the pinned tweet and as you can see on my account this tweet is the only one that is not in chronological order much much 20 November 26 November 1 September 18 this one is July 12 this is of 2014 and as you can see also it has a ton of engagement so if I want to see the tweet activity over 36,000 people have seen it and 754 people have engaged with it so they have retweeted it or favorited or clicked on it and this function does exactly what you think it does it just pins the tweet to the top of your newsfeed so when people go to your profile so I go to na B's profile and I B's National Australia Bank for those you who understand it you can see they have a short video pinned to the top of their profile and they have a call to action within their video which is quite neat but this video is gonna get more interaction than a random tweet that is not pin because as soon as you get to their profile that's the first thing you see so very critical to take advantage of this I'm gonna talk about two different ways you can do this one you can do similar to what I have done is you can have something that represents the personality of your Twitter page so I have a cool quote here by Will Smith I did not to get to tagging because I ran into characters but people connect with this quote and they they feel motivated and they like this quote so it's really easy to engage with alternatively my old pin tweet was advertising one of my ebooks on Amazon and this was pin for a while and you can see got a lot less interaction but the call to action is something much more beneficial than a retweet is someone buying or clicking on my book to view my book so you can take one of the two ways you can you know a strong call to action with a really highly valuable result such as buying your book or you can have something that helps represent your page to increase the amount of people who are going to follow you and interact with that and therefore the further your account gets out there in the Twitter world so to pin the tweet all you have to do is you can come down to any of your own any of your old tweets and you simply have to click more and then pin to your profile page please note if you have retweeted someone you will not be able to pin a retweet to your page it has to be directly tweeted by you using this tweet function here so that's the pin tweet I highly recommend that you split test a few pin tweets and seeing what's getting the best results for your business or personal page.

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