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Offering Value

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January 30, 2020

Video transcription: To point to offer value the number one mistake that new Twitter accounts make is they feel that they are entitled to Twitter followers just because they have created a new account this is not the case nobody will follow a Twitter account if there is no return value in it for them the best way to figure out what value you could offer as a Twitter account is to ask yourself why do you follow the accounts that you already follow if you don't currently follow any accounts jump on Twitter do a little search around the community and find the accounts that you would like to follow and ask yourself why is that I've put together a list of the most common reasons people follow a Twitter account so let's have a look through those ok number one they offer high-quality entertaining tweets tweets that make you smile make you laugh and make you think you actually want to see more of their content so you subscribe to their Twitter account by following them similarly high quality educational tweets tweets that make you think and that grow your knowledge make you smarter in areas that you want to be so you subscribe to get more of them promotions and competitions is another easy one they offer value in the sense of prizes in return for a follow or a tweet or some form of engagement another big one is offering access to exclusive content otherwise not available to you unless you follow them a simple one is to follow the user back if you were to follow an account and they follow you back you both get value added because your community of followers is both growing by one a shout out to an individual user is a good one if you have a large following already that shouts out o shouts out means mentions individual uses for them to increase their exposure you're more likely to follow an account that does this then that doesn't and the lastly is offer freebies or coupons to followers so similar to exclusive content and promotions and competitions unless you follow this user you will not get coupons for their products or freebies from their business now you do not need to embody all of these reasons to follow an account you just need to offer value in one way that would make sense for another user to follow you so don't overthink it you don't have to give $100 gift cards daily you just have to have great content or just follow users back just know in advance what you're going to do.

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