Module Introduction and Contents of Twitter

Module Introduction Of How To Use Twitter For Business

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January 30, 2020

Video transcription: This is module one a comprehensive understanding of Twitter so I'm gonna take you through the essentials of Twitter and give you a basic foundation of knowledge of exactly what you need to do and know in order to be successful on Twitter I'm gonna start with 1.1 creating a Twitter account now many of you may already have a Twitter account if this is the case just skip on through one point to Twitter newsfeed where I will explain exactly what the Twitter newsfeed is and give you a basic understanding of how Twitter works as a micro blogging platform one point three will be Twitter discover I'll go through the Twitter the scope of features and the main points of it one point four will be other Twitter features I'm gonna walk you through hashtags trends the search Twitter search functionality and the direct messages 1.5 will wrap out with your account settings and your personal preferences for your individual Twitter account let's get started guys.

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