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Twitter Following Funnel

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January 30, 2020

Video transcription: Five point one the following funnel okay I know you've seen this before you get out what you put in hard work pays off all those cliches this time I'm a little bit more literal I actually mean you literally get out what you put in it is a science and the simple science and the ultimate key to dominating Twitter let me explain with a couple of examples okay so these might be a little obvious but the simple science is in practice and it's exemplified in these two examples if you want more interaction ask questions retweet and interact more you want interaction out you put interaction in secondly the big one if you want more followers you simply follow more people you put follows in you get followers out it's a simple science and super easy why let me explain exactly why using the following funnel so when you follow somebody they get an alert on their Twitter account if they're on their mobile phone they get up there and if they're on the computer they get it in their interactions tab and consequently they are now aware that your profile exists and if you had not given them this alert by following them they would have no idea that your profile exists just because of the amount of accounts that Twitter actually has it's almost impossible to discover new accounts in a natural organic way like that so this is an example of the type of alert that somebody will get when you follow them this isn't one of my accounts and you can see Quincy San Louis has recently followed me on the 23rd of March Quincy is now batched with these six other people who followed me on the same day but as Quincy followed me I got an individual note notification on my account as I did with these six other individual people I can now see all of their profile photos and click straight to their profiles so this is super important probably the most important point I'm going to make so please make sure you understand what the following funnel actually is what it is is the following funnel are the exact steps that a user takes after being notified that you follow them he's me being notified that Quincy follows me I am now considered inside Quincy st. Louis's following funnel and the actions that I take all done now inside the funnel so there are there are actually four basic actions that I can take or somebody can take once they're inside you're following funnel the top three I've listed here is an auto follower back an interest follow and then retweet the fourth is obviously no action but I haven't included that on this diagram this is just to get an overview before I break down each step individually as you can see at the top user notified begins the funnel once they enough ID there in your funnel and they can take one of the following four steps let's break them down so the first action you can take is an auto follow back people who don't look at your page but instead automatically follow back all accounts that follow them now this is between three and ten percent of people depending on the type of people that you are targeting we'll get into that in a second but also know that this isn't automatic as in a software automatically follow back Twitter actually stopped using that function last year.

These auto follow backs are in the sense that the user does not look at your page but instead anyone who follows them they simply automatically click follow back on their Twitter page the second action someone can take is an interest for that these are great so people who see the alert they see your follow they then click on your name or profile image and investigate your page further because you follow them you have interested in them they're like who is this cool person check out your profile and if they're interested in your profile they will follow you back because they then want to see your update and this is why it was so important that we optimized our count in section 3 now this will be between five and fifty percent of people depending on how well optimize your account is and the type of people that you are targeting again we'll get into the relevancy of targeting people in just a second step three retweets and interactions people who see or follow look at your page favorite reply or retweet one of your tweets to all of their followers and this is between one and five percent of people but as you know you are then exposed to all of their followers and all of their followers can then see your profile and choose if they want to act in a similar way this is awesome exposure and I really could trick to getting more retweets and interactions is to make sure your last or latest tweet is very relevant to the type of people you are following if you are about to put Oprah Winfrey fans through your following funnel consider putting your latest tweet as an Oprah Winfrey quote because you know it's going to be relevant to these followers.

Therefore your interaction is gonna increase so lastly is number four no action so people they'll see the alert on their account and one click through to your profile or they won't even see the alert it'll just be batched in with the meaning that they get and unfortunately they won't be able to see your profile all they won't follow you back it's gonna be between ten and ninety percent of people depending on who you target obviously the lower this number the better so we have the genuine users part but how do we get the targeted users making sure that they're relevant through our account this is why it's important to actually have relevant followers I'm gonna give you a an example below and you should you should decide in your head which you would prefer would you prefer to have a hundred thousand followers but none of them care about your business or your profile or your tweets they never interact or engage with your account at all Obie would you rather just 5,000 followers but they all absolutely love your business love your profile big fans of your content and they're constantly sharing and gay and interacting with the account and all of your updates I personally would rather be and I hope that you do too if however you prefer a just jump on over to fi ve w comm and purchase 100,000 fake followers for less than $20 and then you have that social proof that you are looking for without having to put in work day-to-day for everybody else like me who wants these 5,000 genuine targeted follows what is the best way to get them it's simple the number one strategy is to locate a sibling account where a sibling account is a relatively large account related or similar to your account so it's pretty straightforward let me go through an example with you to make sure that we are all on the same page so here's the case study at Miami pizza is the handle they are obviously a pizza shop in Miami and they want to target people who are a in Miami so they can actually buy their pizza and be they like pizza so that they are relevant users and they're going to engage with their profile and hopefully all of their products in the long term so who are the sibling accounts of miami pizza the top sibling accounts with the most relevancy other pizzeria is already in miami so that is at South Beach pizzeria at Pizza in Miami and at Miami best pizza are the three biggest Miami Pizza accounts these will have users who ate like pizza and B are most likely in the Miami area making them the highest quality sibling accounts for at Miami pizza number two accounts that have a following geographically focused in Miami although they're not guaranteed to like pizza they're gonna be more relevant than people who are not in Miami so we have Miami Heat which is the Miami basketball team Miami Dolphins is the Miami football team and city of Miami is actually the official Twitter account of Miami so these people I geographically based exactly where ah miami pizza want to target so what makes a sibling accounts so awesome you know that these followers of these accounts have already expressed interest in your industry or area so they are relevant they're very likely to find your account interesting because if they find Pizza Hut interesting they're more than likely going to follow find Domino's interesting they're basically the same company no I shouldn't say that they're basically the same thing they will be more receptive to take action and interact with your updates why because they're relevant and they like your stuff and here's a form which is critical their recently active on Twitter how do we know this is because we're going to be targeting the latest followers of these accounts meaning these are the people who have most recently followed these sibling accounts we are going to be following so we know they're active on Twitter recently and they've shown interest in these areas very recently so once you have three to five sibling accounts the next step is to advertise to these followers to get in front to make sure they know your profile exist obviously how are we gonna do this we put their followers through our following funnel by following them it's super simple super easy and it's gonna get you amazing results.

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