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Twitter Networking

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January 30, 2020

Video transcription: Full point to Twitter networking this is an awesome feature from Twitter and is the reason why so many people signed up for Twitter back in its early days you have the opportunity to directly engage with anybody that you respect and admire on Twitter big celebrity accounts people with millions of followers you can talk directly to them so one good way to network and to get noticed with these users is to send them a mention so what happens when you send them a mention these users get a notification in their interaction stream that you have mentioned them and then they can see exactly what you write to them if your mention is interacted with either retweeted or reply to your profile and tweet is then exposed to all of the mentioned uses followers so how do we capitalize on this awesome opportunity to be exposed because top Twitter users will be getting hundreds or thousands of mentions a day you have to stand out from the rest in order to be interacted with let's have a look at the best strategies to stand out from the rest of the crowd so what do you write in your mention to get noticed there are three strategies I'm going to provide the first is to ask interesting questions that encourage a response the second quote the Twitter user and make sure you at mention them so they can see the quote number three provide them with valuable information that they could potentially see as shareable so number one send interesting questions here are a couple of examples of interesting questions sent to high top level twitter accounts that have got interaction so the first is jay-z it was written by Johnny - SC which is jay-z's handle so the @mention starts here at SC best advice to come becoming great best advice to becoming great jay-z wrote back believe it when nobody else will facts only and added his username here he's then exposed to jay-z's 3 million Twitter followers the next one is Noah Kagan he's an entrepreneur in Austin he runs appSumo he has 20,000 Twitter followers Wayne lue tweeted to him do you have a favorite fitness blog or resource Noah Kagan found this question interesting and wanted to help out Wayne Liu so he wrote my body Wayne and his tweet and then exposed to 20,000 new Twitter users so the second strategy is to quote the user so Cornell Thomas wrote the master of his thoughts will be the master of his actions which is a Tony Robbins quote and then he mentioned Tony Robbins Tony Robbins obviously likes his own chords so as you can see up here with retweeted by Tony Robbins and exposed and this exposed Cornell Thomas's profile to three at 2.40 sorry million new Twitter users again as similar things been done by Keith Health's Nick was retweeted by Tony Robbins however this time it also includes a picture representation of the quote which Tony found interesting enough to retweet here you can see attorney has 2.4 million followers which is an amazing opportunity to get in front such a big audience and hopefully convert some of these photos to your page number 3 is of course provide value provide information that these users will find valuable as you can see Cambridge news is a media website somebody complimented an article that they found interesting on this website and they mentioned Cambridge News UK and they've been retweeted to all their users MBA fantasy was retweeted by MBA which has over nine million followers and they have tweeted a couple of stats and just an opinion on one of the NBA games which MBA found interesting enough to retweet here is a retweet by Nazca as you can see it's a family at the Nazca with Terry Crews they have mentioned Terry Crews they actually haven't tweeted to Nazca but now as Kyle found it interesting enough to retweet anyway and if you know I properly you can get these these power accounts to actually follow your account and then see all of your updates in their respective news feeds and possibly interact with them on a daily basis I personally have HootSuite with 6 million followers following my account as well as coffee bean with 3 million followers this is an awesome opportunity to interact on a more regular basis with these accounts without having to mention them every tweet so that ends module 4 module 5 will be my absolute favorite module which is our following funnel and how to actually get out genuine targeted Shuman following on Twitter the right way I'm looking forward to it I'll see you there.

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