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How to Follow effectively?

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January 30, 2020

Video transcription: Okay now we all know how awesome the following funnel is let's look at the best way to put accounts through this funnel with 5.2 how to follow the first and most laborious way that you can actually follow accounts is to go through manually and click follow it's uh it's quite simple but it takes a long time a lot of work and I highly do not recommend this way however if you're just starting out this is a very viable option the second way to do this is to use manage fitter and auto clicker software combo this is amazing this will take your two hours of manually following accounts down to just three minutes every day and keep track of exactly who you follow who you should be following and automatically load these results for you I'm gonna show you exactly how I use these two softwares in combination with each other in order to get over 200 targeted genuine relevant followers in just three minutes a day let's get into it this is awesome stuff okay so now I'm gonna show you how to follow people the manual way now this weighs a lot more harder it's a lot more laborious but if you're not quite ready for the software combo then that I'll show you next this is a great way to start so first of all you want to make sure your followers are targeted so one of the people I like to follow it's Tim Ferriss he's a very large account he's also an entrepreneur and all of his followers are relevant for me so what do I do I come in to Tim Ferriss account I just typed his name in the search bar I then click his followers and it will show me a list of Tim Ferriss his latest followers again it's really easy to follow someone you just have to click that follow button so what you could do is group I mean and follow his last thousand followers by just simply scrolling down like this so this is one way to do it I found early on if you zoom out on the page so on a Mac it's gonna be command and the minus key you can actually see more follow buttons at once it does do weird things to the background just ignore that you can scroll down to where the follow start and simply go down the list you can get them done a lot quicker if you're zoomed out but as you see it is still gonna take a long time to follow all of these people especially if you want to follow 1,000 a day okay so this is exciting this is where I'm going to show you the manage flitter and mega fast clicker software combo where you can literally process thousands of follows in just two or three minutes it's just gonna save you so much time so much money in the long run I'm gonna show you exactly how I do it so I'm at manage I'll send you the link if that's possible if not just type in manage connect your account so my account is already connected as you can see and what I want to do - to be able to follow Tim Pharisees followers like we just were you just come down here and click follow copy followers as you can seen here the latest results that I've been following I already pre-loaded for me and it remember these users so I want to do Tim Ferriss I want to do 1,000 because I can literally not follow more than 1,000 people and here it is loaded for me as you can see the early ones are already following because I just went through and manually followed them and you can see where it starts - where you can see where the accounts now I don't follow up soft scroll down there they're up the top are the pages so there's ten pages of 100 people each and in telling me the last thousand people who recently followed Tim Ferriss so what I do now is I open my fast clicker which is this software here so you can get a free trial of this for I think a month and then I just paid five dollars for the license as you can see I have a short key here which which would start my clicking and they they click once every 15 milliseconds which I believe is half a second I'm not too sure it clicks super fast it's a lot quicker than half a second I'm not sure why that says 50 but I'm just going to show you so I come over here now to the follow button and simply click my short key and as you can see as you can see on the right-hand side my follow account is going up so these pending fellows are a little bit annoying they're people whose account are on private and when you follow it just sends a pending request but it slows down our process here okay so I'm going to come over to the third page and start my auto clicker again as you can see the auto click count on that fast clicker software is counting out very quickly a little bit more quick than the actual follows because some of them it's cooking too quick to actually follow but that's fine you can also see the followers today are going up by 50 at a time I do normally process my 1000 followers a day in less than 2 to 3 minutes super easy and super quick so my fast click is stopped because it reached my limit so I'm just gonna restart that until I hit my thousand follows for the day so a thousand twenty it's too many it's actually just not gonna process those last twenty but as you can see that took less than 60 seconds so what I do now is I have now put 1000 but technically 1000 people through my following.

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