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January 30, 2020

Video transcription: Buffer is another management software it'll help schedule your tweets and save you a lot of time let's have a look awesome guys we're at the buffer homepage which as you can see is actually buffer app calm here are the accounts that buffer support we obviously want to use Twitter so we're gonna click log in with Twitter I'm gonna log in with my New York City fan account and that's going to connect and here we are so this is the buffer app so the basis of the buffer app is it's gonna be able to schedule tweets for you in advance you get to set what time what date and how many tweets you want buffer to tweet for you as far as you want in advance so you can come in here and spend 30 minutes in the morning and set up say 50 or 60 tweets to send out over the next two or three weeks it's gonna save you so much time and so much effort if you batch your tweets this way so how do we do this so as you can see I already have one tweet scheduled it's scheduled at 11:52 this morning which is in 15 minutes and it's just a it's just a picture and a couple of hashtags what an awesome photo of our beautiful city a nice photo of New York City and that's just gonna go out and keep my content on my account fresh and interesting and hopefully attract some more Twitter followers so to share something new simply click what do you want to share this will open the share window you type in whatever you want so what you up today New York City hashtag that if you want to upload a picture if you want to set a exact custom time to tweet it up simply click on here and as you can see you can schedule at months or years in advance and Adam add a very specific time down to the minute so obviously just come in and click that click set if you want to do if you want to do it this way the other way to do it is to click share now it'll tweet straight away buffer is the main function of obviously buffer so you click this and it will go into your buffer as a scheduled tweet so it's currently 12:01 p.m. and why is it 12:01 p.m. because if we come into our schedule these are the set times that you select for buffer to post your tweets at so you can select which days to post and which time to post every day and it's really editable it's coming in there change the time so if I have 4 tweets set up in my buffer as you saw I currently have 2 now the first week will be sent out at 8:40 a.m. second 11:50 to the third will be 12:01 and the fourth will be 12 46 now these times are randomized I haven't actually set this up you'll be able to select the best times to tweet but as long as you have your buffer topped up with tweets it's gonna constantly post at the same times every day which is super useful again if you don't want to post every day say you don't want to post on weekends simply unselect the week ends and you get four posts every weekday if you want another time simply add more times make sure you also schedule in the right time zone see not posting in the middle of the night if you're overseas analytics is great I can't show you this now because I haven't posted any tweets but it's awesome it's going to show you exactly how many people retweeted chorded replied favorited your tweet as well as your potential reach of every single tweet once you put a tweet out come in here and it'll be pretty self-explanatory it's going to show you exactly what tweets are effective what tweets are not it's gonna be great to learn from to know what's a tweet in the future so one more thing the buffer has which is good is content suggestions so they tailor it on an account basis it's just see there's a few quotes if you liked any of this content the world is moving so fast the man who says it can't be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it great quote you can add it by just clicking add as you can see if we come back to our actual buffer or is that here it is it is then added to our queue you can add any tweet in here images links quotes just come in here and schedule it in advance again it's not gonna take you very long at all to schedule and it's gonna save you a lot of time in the long run it's called buffer app calm one more thing it does have is a Google Chrome extension I think will be there for Firefox as well and it'll be a little icon up here and you'll be anywhere on the on the web and you can just simply click the icon and this shara pop-up will display you'll be able to tweet or copy and paste something you've read on a website and image that you've seen and it'll be added to your buffer at the scheduled times that's called buffer wrap calm highly suggested check it out.

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