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January 30, 2020

Video transcription: Okay four point one tweeting what to tweet so the first point I'm gonna make is you have to always be consistent in the quality of your tweets it's very critical the second point is discover your Twitter voice each account has their own unique Twitter voice so news accounts are usually more pragmatic and factual whether it's comedy accounts which are funny some are vulgar you want to make sure you know what your Twitter voices and this will contribute to your consistency in your tweets so people know what to expect from years lastly what to tweet is gonna be different for every single account because every single account is unique and most of them are in different industries and are appealing to different audiences I'm gonna go I'm gonna take you through a few basic resources that you can use to find high quality content but again it's gonna be varied where you get this content for what the purpose of your account actually is okay so although great content varies from one account to another these four strategies below are universal and the best tweets across Twitter will all have at least one of these characteristics so the first strategy is short tweets show up tweets see 180 percent more interaction and then longer tweets to is call to action it may be to play a video to follow a link or to open an image call to actions create more engagement with your followers 3 is a quote this is a very simple strategy to post a quote by some Authority or wise figure in your industry that people are familiar with as it's very easy to retweet and very easy to like the content of the actual tweet and number 4 finally is ask questions ask for your audience's opinions and find questions that evoke responses with your followers tweet structure so there is no one set tweet structure that Trump's everything but my best tweets always follow this structure it also gives my account some consistency when people see my tweets they know how they're laid out and it creates that reputation for my account so the first thing you want to put in is your headline court message or question which is the main content of the tweet always comes first I then put in a couple of additional hashtags I only ever put a maximum of two hashtags in my tweets any more than that seems spammy and an overload of hashtags but they come after the main content and thirdly is the link or the media if you're adding video or a further or a link to a page that comes last as it is a call to action and people can click it after finish after they're finished reading your tweet here's an example of the structure for my New York City account which is at New York City with two T's two y's if you want to check it out so the tweet is have you seen this awesome picture of Manhattan which is an inquest a question and it's very short as well and then give two hashtags New York City hashtag NYC and then the picture which as you can see is a nice picture of Manhattan with a lot of fog on it when should you tweet so the ultimate goal by all tweets is to be seen by as many people as possible and now tweets are always displayed in chronological order in the Twitter newsfeed this means the best time to tweet is when most followers online so now we need to find out when are most of your followers online it's gonna be different for every individual account again but here are some general guidelines the general peak twitter times 7 to 8 a.m. when most people are getting out of bed looking at their newsfeed seeing what's rolled in overnight and catching out what on what happened while I slept 1 to 2 p.m. is obviously a lunch break for most people you also like to check out what happened during the morning the 5 to 6 p.m. most likely when people are getting off work they're on public transport on the way home and then checking in to see what's been going down for the afternoon 9:00 to 10:00 p.m. is I think before bed most people are gonna go to bed about 10:00 10:30 they just want to summarize a day jump on Twitter see what happened see what they've missed you in the day and then go to sleep so here are a couple useful Twitter tools that are that will help you create a more specific understanding of your account so you can check exactly where your followers are located using tweets map calm and you can check when your followers are online using tweet calm these will give you individual tailored statistics for each of your accounts it's best to use them once you have already established a decent Twitter following of maybe 500 or more people English.

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