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Account Settings

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January 30, 2020

Video transcription: Okay welcome to 1.5 let's round out the first module and get on to more exciting stuff but first but firstly let's have a look at your account settings and preferences so once again we're here on the Twitter home page we are signed in this time however I'm coming over to the top right-hand side and clicking on this gear icon these are your settings so click it get this drop down box come down to the settings tab and just click that so this is where you can set all your preferences and all your settings to suit your needs there are a couple of things that I'll suggest a couple of settings that I'll suggest that you keep or that you opt in for in order to optimize your Twitter account for growth otherwise it's it's just to suit your needs and your preferences so it's pretty straightforward pretty self-explanatory I'll give you a quick run-through again what do I say again give you a quick run-through as you can see on the left the account tab is the default tab that is open here you can change your username your handle your email address language time zone changing country simply to change the setting simply click the arrows choose what you want and then click Save Changes and I'll save to Twitter this is security and privacy the second tab on the left this is again your personal preference how secure you on your account when you log in how do you want to be able to reset your password you know I the privacy setting this is where I'm gonna suggest one thing I suggest that this tweet privacy remains unchecked this is because you want as many people to be able to see your account as possible and as many people do able to follow you and interact as possible without you having to approve these individually because you want to grow as quickly as possible you don't want to be having to manually approve followers and manually approve retweet all the others it's as you as you want I'm gonna come over here change your password here obviously mobile you can attach your mobile account number to your to your Twitter you can tweet via text and you can get updates by text if you do that email notifications is your preferences what do you want Twitter to email you for if someone mentions you wanna tweet do you want them to tell you by email or not your Twitter profile this is editable as you can see up here you can edit this from your profile which is the me tab in the top left it's probably a better way to drill because you can see it actually as it's displayed to other people we're gonna concentrate on optimizing our profile in module 3 where we're gonna make it look professional be aesthetically pleasing and show up in relevant Twitter searches so I'm gonna get skip through this tab right now design will be the same gonna cover that in module 3 apps so these are these are just the apps that you have given access to your account for I have a few of them because I use a few programs to help me manage my account you can simply revoke access I'm gonna go through buffer in module 6 you can simply revoke access at any time so they no longer have access to the details of your account and widgets widgets are you've probably seen them before you can create a widget they are the tweet updates you see on some web sites so if I create a new widget here if you have a website and you want to put your tweets maybe in the sidebar maybe the main content something like this you've probably seen before these are my tweets so the way you do it is you put your settings in here create the widget by clicking create widget and it'll give you the code to put into your website pretty straightforward just copy and paste that do your WordPress or into your raw HTML and it will show on your website so that is settings once again it's it's going to be coming down to personal preference as long as you keep your account privacy unchecked so you are a public profile I think that there are no hard and fast rules that are the hinder your growth or help you grow it's all based on your personal preferences.

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