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Creating A Twitter List

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January 30, 2020

Video transcription: Five point three creating a list now why do we want to create a list the main reason we want to create a list is because we will be processing a lot of people through our following funnel meaning the news-feed where people that we follows updates are normally shown will be very crowded with thousands of people that we are currently processing through our following funnel therefore diluting our content that we actually want to see therefore what we do is we put the people whose updates we are really interested in into one list and that list can then act as our newsfeed let me show you exactly what I mean as we do it so once again we find ourselves on the Twitter homepage we are logged in of course but we're gonna create a list now so again we're gonna go over to this gears icon for the second time and scroll down here to lists I'm just gonna click that and it'll load up our list page so I have one list already called awesome people where I put all the awesome people that I follow and I want to get updates from into this list there's 159 members and to view it as if it's our newsfeed you simply click the list click the name of the list should I say and here are all the people that I want to get updates from so it's not busy and crowded from all people I process through my following funnel but it's all the content that I actually want to see in one place really easy to view and I can still process all of the followers through my other news feed which I never look at ok so you can you can view the list members here on the left and this will load up the actual accounts that are in your list so again you don't actually have to be following these people for to get those updates you just have to have added them to your list and you can actually see if your list is public who else is skipper scribe to your list my list is over this public but there is no one no one else who wants to look at this list for some reason I'm not sure why quite offended okay so to create a new list I simply come back to this list page so your settings lists it's been G blue so your username for slash lists and you come down here sorry one more thing I'm gonna do before we create list you can see what lists people have put you in by clicking member of so I'm a member of the following lists as I've been added to them by other people so there's a few lists there but if you want to create a list come here create the list the list name this name yeah description I know I'm pretty creative private only you want to see this list this is what I thought my list was this is probably what I'd recommend you use because it's just gonna be your private news feed public anyone can follow the list that you are in and they can get the updates so it's not a problem whatever you prefer click just click save list so then you can either search manually to find people on your list or you can go to the Twitter discover page where they recommended people who you should be following I'm just gonna show you how to add people to this this okay so to add these people to your list simply click the gear icon come down to add or remove from list and check the boxes of which list you want to put them into there's no submit button it's a little strange you just click the X in the corner and they are now part of those lists and if you want to take them out a list simply un-check if you click create a list this is another way you can just create a new list really quickly now there is also a way to batch these followers into a list if you want to open a new tab and type in bulk add to Twitter list which is already a search term for me the first one twit list manager is great if you have people you already follow who you want to transfer to your list simply sign in with Twitter it'll load all of your followers and all of your list and simply just check the people who you follow onto the list and that way you preserve your news-feed that already exists on your account as for people that you follow straight into a list and then you can start processing processing people through your following funnel really easy to do really simple and a lot quicker than going through manually adding them to the list.

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