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January 30, 2020

Video transcription: So first off 3.1 Twitter profile that is it right there the one that's highlighted the smallest but most commonly seen photo on your Twitter page so you want to use an image that is a square this is cuz it is represented as a square on Twitter you don't want critical details cut out on either side 48 by 48 pixels is the average display size of your image on Twitter which means it's most commonly seen at 48 by 48 pixels around the site this means two things 8 it is square and B it is very small therefore you need a simple and symbolic representation of your business or personal profile to use as your profile picture the largest reimage will be displayed will be 500 by 500 pixels this is the recommended upload for your image because if it is not 500 by 500 it'll have to stretch to fit the 500 by 500 when someone clicks on your profile image okay so there are two recommendations I'll make depending on if you are a personal account or a business account if you're a personal account I recommend that your profile photo is a closed clear photo of you if you are business or product I recommend that you use the logo of your business or product providing the logo is simple so let's have a closer look if you are a personal account you should use a clear photo of just you know group photos you want users to identify who you are in the photo and know who is running your page now you want to be the focus of the image for the same reasons and you want to stand relatively close to the camera so they can actually see your face and get a sense of who you are from your photo here are a couple of examples of how not to have a profile photo look like the first one on the left it is a group photo and it is very high detail this is currently displayed twice as big as it will be displayed on Twitter and as you can see it's hard to identify who is the owner of the account and it's hard to actually get an understanding of what they are like from a photo like this the second photo is just strange it is obviously zoomed in too close on this girl's face and it has the same problems as the first you don't get an understanding of what this person is like and it is quite unprofessional the third has a thick border which minimizes the actual space you can use for your actual photo which this girl has washed over with a filter of some form again I recommend against this just because you don't get a true sense of what the person is like and on the right is I think this is after the adjoint account which is okay to have two people but as you can see they're just too far away from the camera to get a sense of the characters of these individuals these are four images of what I recommend that you should do as you can see the wall they are all bright and colored and also very clear and it is evident of the personality of each individual the one on the Left we have a side profile which works very well and as you can see although it has flowers in the background it's been blurred out and is not highly detailed second image this man is looking straight into the camera he's nice and close he has a fedora on it reveals some of his character and it is a warm from the image you get a good vibe get a good understanding of this guy's character the third is also very good it is more body than the others but his face is still very recognizable you get a sense from his shirt and tie that it is a more business oriented account and he's a professional in what a whatever industry he is in and on the right is another really good clear up-close photo that portrays this lady's character okay if you are a business at I highly recommend you limit your color palette to just two or three colors maximum this is in order to get an overall continuity to your profile and maintain simplicity at the same time now the key to doing this in your profile image is to I use a symbolic representation of your business which is normally a logo but in some cases you'll even need to simplify this logo further if you have a complex logo if you have a slogan in your logo I highly recommend taking it out and keeping it as simple as possible so here are four what not to do this the first has a slogan in that which at 48 by 48 pixels will be ridiculously hard to read and just adds clutter to the image the second is a highly detailed or at the foreground to the image as well as a sign with a little symbol here and welcome to very small writing you will not be able to distinguish that just adds more and more clutter I would actually just blow up this else be great fun and use that those two words as your entire profile photo this one was not a square so things have been cut off you can also see it's a little bit of pixel in here and I am not a fan of this bright red color it looks a little bit spammy on the right there are just a lot of words 48 by 48 you're not gonna be able to read them and even they can add a little detailed man down here with a face it's gonna be super hard to see and it's just gonna look cluttered and messy here are a couple of what to do examples you may recognize some of these bigger brands because they do it the best as you can see every single logo has only two colors using just these two colors they have given a symbolic representation of their business as you can see on the left using black and white Nike have just used the swoosh which is very recognizable very simple and very easy to look at even if the photo is twice as small as it is here Mashable they maintain their this light blue color she's a big theme of their website and they put just the little m and an off-center down here and it looks very effective this one here is Twitter Brazil's logo which is the green and gold four for Brazil and it's just this simple very low detailed silhouette of the Twitter bird and this one here is conversation edu this is just a speech bubble and again it says just a symbolic representation of the conversation but it's very recognizable very remember rememberable very easy to remember and it's easy to build from these pictures to have a continuity on your profile.

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