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Twitter Header

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January 30, 2020

Video transcription: Okay welcome to three-point to Twitter header so this is an update to the cost because this is one of the largest changes that Twitter made in their recent update instead of having a small header image behind your profile picture we now get an entire page is that this new header is now the width of the page and it is quite thick too as you can see if you go into my profile so this is the default view and just reload that for you that is the view you get this whole part here is taken up with the header since why I'm stressing in this lecture to make sure you really focus on having an awesome header image for your business or personal profile because that's the first thing people notice and it's the biggest thing that they can notice so I have a relatively simple one which you're probably looking at right now it's just a neat little arrow saying I look like this with a photo of me and then I have connects with me here so this over here is my call to action Bengie blue calm because the purpose of your header you always want to have a purpose for me is to have a call to action to get them back to my website you can also see I've included my website down here which I'll show you how to do in the upcoming lectures so general guidelines for Twitter header I'm gonna show you some examples at the end of this module of Twitter headers that I am particularly a fan of the header image recommendation is 1500 pixels wide by 500 pixels tall now I wouldn't technically use this recommendation because what Twitter do is they do something weird where they actually compress it down on this size no matter what you do and what they'll do is they'll cut off the corners of your header image if you have it at this size so what I've done for you is I've created a header template for you so I make sure that you can download this in the downloadable area of this lecture if not go to Twitter Benji blue calm and you'll be able to get it so what you're looking at here is this is the 1500 by 500 the whole thing but this is where Twitter crop so these are actually invisible areas this is where your profile image will overlap depending for what device you're using and this part here is invisible on mobile because that is where your profile image sits on a mobile site so feel free to use the space in this space to just don't put any call to action to anything prominent inside that area if that makes sense so the best way to get this image is to download it I'm just going to copy it and then open it in Photoshop or whatever whatever software you are using and then simply just put whatever you want over the top and make sure it's inside the visible area so if you're gonna paste a picture in here or anything else it's great to use this template just to make sure that it's going to show up on Twitter so I just logged in really quick so you can see how to change this header image as you'll see you'll be easy to change any part of your profile by simply clicking this edit profile button and then change your header right here upload photo or remove what it's counting there so you could upload photo and then you'd pick the photo from your desktop change the profile photo here I'll go through that shortly.

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