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Twitter Bio

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January 30, 2020

Video transcription: Three-point-four is twitter bio it is extremely extremely important as it is the only static text that you get on your Twitter profile so the perfect Twitter bio will take time to develop and you can always come back and change it at any time Twitter allow a maximum of a hundred and sixty characters so make sure your bio is short succinct and includes keywords that to the point also don't forget to be engaging inviting an offer value offer a reason why people should follow your account so a critical point with your bio is to pay close attention to using keywords that are relevant to your business because you only get a hundred and sixty characters these keywords are great for SEO and search functions as well as clearly informing your fans exactly what your business does so here is a Twitter bio example for Miami pizza which is a pizzeria in Miami useful keywords it's good to brainstorm write them out pizza pizzeria Miami food and restaurant all very searchable key terms and all very relevant to their business that gets there but gets the gist of their business across in a clear way so here's a mock buyer that I have drawn up Miami pizzeria are dedicated to serving delicious pizza to our awesome customers in the Miami area follow us for coupons for the number one cheese pizza served in Miami restaurants again offers value its inviting warm and engaging.

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