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Engaging instead of Broadcasting

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January 30, 2020

Video transcription: Two-point-three engaged don't broadcast so a lot of businesses in particular on Twitter make the big mistake of throwing advertising in a demanding way into their famous faces what you want to do is you want to be engaging and speak to your friends not your fans ask yourself the question how would you like to be treated by an account that you follow or if you follow your own account what would you expect and how would you expect to be treated by yourself your actions should embody this in your tweets your direct messages your buyers and even your graphics your account in general should be warm welcoming and friendly let me show you a couple of quick examples okay example number one this is from hack circus they write remember if you're coming to hack circus today you need to buy a ticket online they give the link they say doors 5:30 starts 6:00 p.m. sharp what do I not like about this tweet there are a couple of things first off they start with the word remember remember is a demand it is very demanding and it is a broadcast not an engagement for the individual user they also continue to make another demand over here which is you need to buy as you can see that is bolded for you you need to buy is another demand and it tells the user what they have to do in an impolite way they give the link which is useful then they list in just a dot point font there is nothing friendly or polite about this it is just factual information thrown at the user let's contrast that to hub hub spot down bottom how about right attending inbound 14 check out our upgrade options including VIP and inbound training courses what do I like about this tweet they write attending inbound 14 question mark are you coming it is it is not a demand it is a simple question and a request they then proceeded to say check out our upgrade options it's not you need to have a look at our upgrade options it's you have the choice to check out it is engaging and it is an option it's not compulsory tasks that they're giving their users their followers should I say and as you can see the purpose of both of these tweets are the same thing they both want to sell tickets to their event but they both do it in separate ways one is a broadcast one is an engagement there is a subtle difference but I hope you picked that up let me give you one more example example number 2 community servings they write hey followers help us reach our goal of 4,000 Twitter fans thank you for your support of community serve what I don't like about this tweet although they think the the users they write hate followers they literally call their followers followers which is a little impolite and very just impersonal they they then it's not it's a subtle demand they say help us reach our goal it's very self-involved and not very much value is offered although again they do think the thank the community for their support we compare this to the much preferred engaging tweet update from la litter and they say hey you guys much more friendly much more welcoming and warm and inviting they say we are launching something brand new and super interactive later this week we can't wait to show you they also includes a picture which is not in this slide but as you can see they are offering a lot more value they're saying we're putting a lot of work and we can't wait to show you something that will be brand new and super interactive and beneficial for you very simple and very small differences between these tweets but it's a very crucial that you understand the the small differences because they make a huge difference in the amount of engagement you get from your followers.

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