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What type of content works best on Snapchat? 

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December 14, 2019

Great so now we're on tosnapchat stories which is exciting because stab chat stories are one ofthe most powerful ways to connect to your audience out of any social media platformout there right now and any function on each platform they are aone-to-one connection and they get viewed a lot more times and a tweet or a Facebookpost or an Instagram post would and I'll show you why in this lecture first ofall let's see where to find sap chat stories and then Alex describe to you whatthey are so opening snapchat once again we get the camera feature I'm gonnascroll to the right and we're in our stories tab so this is where all the storiesare compiled and able to be viewed to view a story all you have to do is simplyClick on it and it'll play through the users snapchats in sequential order soit tells the story about what this person is doing so stories last 24hours like all other snapchat content I'm gonna play a quick video for you now madeby snapchat that it describes the purpose and the function of what a story isand I'm gonna jump back in here and show you how you can use stories why you shouldbe using stories and why they're better than anything else you could be doingright now so now we're back on my laptop we're at support snapchat commandthis is where they explain exactly what a story is and why what is the purposeof a story, it's a 48-second video and it's really beneficial just to get a goodunderstanding of what a story is so I'm gonna play this for you right now     so as you can see from that video it's a reallygreat way to take an event or something's that's happening in that day and putit into a logical sequential order to tell a story and as you can see up herestories string snaps together so photos of videos to create a narrative thatlasts for 24 hours so after 24 hours you can no longer view this story and your the story for the next day will become what's viewable so now let's jump back intomy iPhone I'm gonna show you how to create a story and why it's so powerful okayback into my iPhone I'm gonna show you exactly how to create a story I'm notgoing to go into too much detail here because that's coming up in the nextmodule exactly how to use and send snapchats but I'm also gonna show you whysnapchat stories are the most powerful thing you could be doing right now soopening snapchat you get the camera feature once again so I'm just gonna clickthe little photo button down the bottom with a big circle photo button it'sgonna take your photo I can send this story or this snapchat by pushing thatlittle arrow in the bottom right and you can see that it says stories in thevery top so if I click my story and then push the arrow again in the bottomright this is gonna send this content to my story meaning it's going to post itin my story and anything I post after this will be in sequential order so if Iwas to post a video after this it would show this photo that I'm just postingright now and then the video next and the point is to really tell a story ortell the tale of what an event that's occurring right now so I'm not gonna postthat right now but what I have got for you if I swipe back to my stories tabyou can see that I have a story called my story at the top this is my story ofme going to lunch with a friend yesterday and I made this story just for youand there's a couple of reasons why I made it one so you can see how it worksand two you can see the real purpose or the real power behind the story what Iwant to show you here is it's me and a friend in we live in Columbia andmeta-gene and we're going to buy lunch and I've documented this and put it intosnapchat for everybody to see and by doing this and by people viewing this theyreally get a good insight into my life and a good behind-the-scenes look intoexactly where I live what I eat for lunch true my friends are and what I do ona daily basis and it really does build trust and a strong relationship withpeople who you have on snapchat including brands so I'm gonna show you my storyright now and keep an eye out or just notice that you really do get toknow me more by viewing this story okay snapchat story me and Sam are gonnalunch over here I'm gonna update you guys on the way started our journey to goand get some middle-eastern food in Columbia we are arriving at turbine whatare we gonna eat some delicious we are eating in Pocky heiress Sam's alreadyfinished I got one more plate as a fly cool so apart from understanding my lifea little bit better and maybe trusting me more and having a closer relationshipjust because you see what I do on a day-to-day basis you also know that all thecontent in there would not be appropriate for any other form of social mediathere's no way I would post that on a Facebook feed or an Instagram photo justbecause they are very formal and official websites and you people are conditionedonly posts the highlights of their life and the best things that are going on onthose on those forms of social media but for snapchat, you really can post realcontent real genuine things that are happening right now because the story willdisappear in 24 hours and people do want to see the raw content, peoplewant to see behind the scenes into what's happening and it's a greatopportunity as a brand or business to relate to your customers establishstrong human relationships with them the last thing I want to point out aboutsnapchat stories are they are so powerful because they reach so many people andthere's a reason why this happens do you have a thousand followers on snapchatit's far more powerful than having a thousand followers on Twitter and if I goto Twitter right now and I go to the top of my newsfeed you'll see and youprobably understand that all these posts are in chronological order from whenthey've been posted so 15 seconds ago 16 seconds ago 15 hours but this personjust has retweeted it 8 minutes 31 seconds ago so as you scroll down it's verymuch in chronological order - when people retweet things and if I do a crazyscroll like this which no one would ever do that's not realistic I get down tothis post which was posted 22 hours ago now there's no way I ever would haveseen this post unless I was doing a crazy scroll for some reason it just wouldhave slipped past me even though I follow this person on Twitter and expect tosee their updates because it's sorted chronologically coming back to snapchat ofcourse each story individually is sort of chronologically but the thing is allthe stories are displayed on my newsfeed like this just laid out in a list formand they stay there all day no matter what they stay there for 24 hours if Iview them they go from recent updates down to all stories but they're stillhere on my stories tab and this means you get a lot of people and a lot of yourfollowers viewing every single one of your updates I'm gonna show you the statsfrom my story that I just showed you that I took of me my friend going tolunch you can do this by clicking on the three dots next to my story and itwill open up the story in each pot so you can see cool little Creek if I clickon that was the cool little Creek that I took a photo of on the way togetting lunch so the eyeball and the number next to that is how many peoplehave viewed that snap I don't have so many followers on snapchat I have about800 right now but it's still growing I'm gonna show you how to grow yours aswell you can see 247 people have viewed the very first snap which was going to luncheonmarriage in the last snap was the picture of my apartment and it had 224 viewsso only 23 people did not see this entire story if they started it has anincredible retention rate an incredible amount of people viewing this storycompared to the number of people who follow me so snapchat stories are superunique right now and they are by far the most powerful thing that you could bedoing I hope that you understand that and I'm going to show you exactly a storyto connect and build strong relationships with your customers in the upcominglectures so I'll see you guys there. 

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