Website Traffic and Email Lists Advantages for snapchat

Taking advantage of Website Traffic and Email Lists 

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March 11, 2021

So two additional reallyeffective ways to grow your snapchat following are both email lists using whatyou already have so leveraged your list and putting it on your website toleverage your traffic the very first one is I'm gonna show you is email andthis is from a friend of mine Charlie Huppert from charisma on command he's recently got into periscope which is another new social media platform but this is a great email that he sent out to try and get people from his list to follow himon periscope I know it's not about snapchat but you could simply sub in theword snapchat for periscope and changed the text and he would have a perfectemail for people to follow him on snapchat as well also, of course, includes theQR code that we've made so he said the title of it was periscope you'd havethis snapchat seven weeks back I decided to create a way so several weeks backI decided to create way more content than usual and it was awesome seriously Ifeel like I had hit a malaise of business getting back to making stuffinspired me to put in more time than I had in months I woke up excited to checkout the comments and answer your emails thanks for this by the way anyway gothere's some new stuff that you might not know about for one periscope spamchat if you've not heard of it's a live stream app that lets you interact withpeople in real-time give it a little brief description about snapchat here andwhy they should follow you if you want to tune in or ever you can follow us putyour snapchat username here again don't use this exact template but use it asinspiration for creating your own email you'll get a message to students atyour life just say you'll be able to see all my updates talk again why theywant to follow in Prescott what's your value are you giving away something thatdo you have exclusive offers do you have cool entertainment or interviews thatare exclusive to snapchat let them know about that so they have a reason tofollow you and then he just says turn and says hello let's chat in real-time hesigns off the email now the thing about signing off the email too is there'sanother example I want to show you you don't have to dedicate an entire emailto some shop but you could just add it as you can see in front of you now tothe bottom of your email tag as this shop has done so people can click on it ifthey have snapchat and then start following you there you could have just asimple PS call to action and put the snapchat QR code and your snapchatusername there are hundreds of ways to do it but if you have an email listeven if it's really small it might be beneficial and they made love to see whatyou're doing at snapchat so make sure you give them the opportunity to followyou a second thing you can do is put it on your website to leverage the trafficthat you're already getting so this is Mental Floss com they actually put anentire blog post it's not a big blog post but a blog post up about snapchatjust too so when they email their readers they can say they're on snapchat ifanyone stumbles across this or Google's snapchat in Google with the word mentalforce on it they're gonna see this post so just people who are looking for themon snapchat can find them you can see there's no little snapchat tab up herebut you could totally put the QR code in this sidebar of your website if youwanted to try all that or you could put a little squeeze page in or a pop-upthat comes over your website with the snapchat QR code and the call-to-actionthere some hundreds maybe thousands of ways that you could do this with yoursnapchat QR code but just think about leveraging your existing traffic andexisting emails there is actually I believe snapchat WordPress if your the website runs on WordPress there's a snapchat snapcode widget which allows youto put your snap code in there for people to easily follow you on snapchat youcan see it's really easily set up for you and all you have to do is downloadthis widget in your snap in your website sorry and then add it to your sidebarlike this, all the instructions are there simply just search snapchat snapcodewidget and if you're a site this is if your site is run on WordPress you cansimply install it to your website from there so a great way to leverage trafficand emails I highly suggest that you do do some outreach don't make the excuseof not having enough traffic or enough emails simply just try and see theresults you get because it really is beneficial in this point how awesome it isfor people to know what's going on behind the scenes and connect with you on a personal the level that snap allows you to do so go ahead and try this now and I'll see youin the next lecture.   

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