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Snapchat Starterpack: Perform like the top 1% of Businesses on Snapchat 

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December 14, 2019

Welcome to the snapchatstarter pack this is the first mission for you to complete inside this udemycourse and what it is it's basically how to add people on snapchat I'mgonna show you that functionality along with we're gonna be adding that top tenbusinesses currently on snapchat and these businesses have I don't know exactlyhow much but they spend thousands of hundreds of thousands maybe millions onsnapchat social media research because they want to be as optimized as possibleand really taking advantage of this new platform for their brands and they dosome really cool things on snapchat so that's why in this starter packchallenge what I encourage you to do is follow the brands that are spending somuch money on research for snapchat and just use what they're doing isinspiration for what you can do on your snapchat for your business so we're gonnaopen snapchat now and as you can see it opens to the camera view immediatelywhat we're going to do is going to click the little icon at the top which is alittle ghost icon and that pulls us into the first settings window now fromhere you can see people who have added you you can add friends and you can seemy friends which are people who have added each other so they've added you andyou've added them back we're gonna click add friends it's gonna bring up fourdifferent ways to add friends nearby the bottom one if anyone's on your Wi-Finetwork or has this same window open you can add each other using this featureright here add by snap code I'm gonna get into that a little later in thecourse it's a really cool feature add from address book means people in mycontact book on my phone and add by username is the one that's gonna be mostuse and we're gonna use right now so I'm just gonna click that now in here youcan just type any user name of someone you want to add on snapchat I'm typingMcDonald's you can see it loads the McDonald's username down the bottom with alittle plus icon so you click the plus icon and I am now following or halffriends with McDonald's so it's basically like on Twitter or an Instagram whenyou're following someone you're gonna get these updates in your newsfeed sothis is exactly how you add somebody I'm gonna now provide you with a list often businesses who perform really well in snapchat and get great results sothat you can follow them and see what they post on snapchat to help you withideas and motivation for posting your own content on snapchat okay so in frontof you now you can see the list of suggested accounts that are the ten top businessaccounts according to my research and what I've been watching on snapchat theydo really cool things so we're gonna go ahead and add these ten accounts now asyour first challenge so once again we go back into add friends add my usernameI'm gonna go down the list typing each name into here and just adding them onsnapchat so you can go ahead and do that as you watch and I'm gonna do it withyou so Taco Bell is the next one I've already added McDonald's just add once it'sgot the tick you can close it out and General Electric there's also a nicerange of brands that I've included in these lists so you can get an idea basedon what niche or market or category they're in what these businesses areputting out there MBA which is National Basketball Association outtie Disney girl'sHBO GrubHub love 16 handles is the frozen yogurt store and they dosome really really cool campaigns I'm gonna get into one example of theircampaign their marketing campaign on snapchat further into the cost which isreally really cool and the last one is WWE and I'm gonna add that so now we arefollowing all ten of these people and what I'm gonna show you how to do is I'm gonnashow you how to see what they're putting on snapchat so I'm gonna get into thesnapchat platform and explain exactly what everything is on snapchat in theupcoming module okay so what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna show you exactlywhere to see these updates for these top tenth brands on Instagram so that youcan continually get ideas as we go through this course now the one thing aboutInstagram which I'll get into more detail later posts only the last 24 hours andyou can only see the post if you're following that brand when they post it soright now they may not have any content because they've just followed theseaccounts but to see if they do and to keep coming back and seeing what they'reposting you can go back again and then scroll up to get back to the camerapane I'm gonna scroll to the right and you can see what's called the stories the tab I'm just gonna refresh it to see if anything came in and as you can seewe're lucky that it did the NBA and Taco Bell which we just followed you can seehave stories for their accounts so to view the story I'm just gonna click tapon it on the NBA and also tap on talked about so it loads up the story and thento view the story you can simply click the NBA icon again so you can see theNBA announcing their Christmas Day game bowl and they see what Taco Bell aredoing it's a lot of tacos is getting bigger and bigger and then has to loadagain so they're offering a surprise they got some really cool designs they'rerunning a competition right now which I'll get into exactly how to do this foryourself later in the course but you can see we can now see the updates fromthese accounts and it's really beneficial because these guys really do a good a job with the snapchat account so I'm gonna leave you with that keep coming backinto the stories and seeing what these ten accounts are doing in order toengage their fans and keep them entertained and even offer them special couponsand offers for following them on snapchat so I'll let you guys come in here anddiscover for yourself what these brands are doing and I want you to do this onan ongoing basis over the upcoming few weeks as you're getting used to snapchatso that's it for this lecture I'll see you in the next module.

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