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Snapchat Settings Tab

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December 14, 2019

So, In this lecture, I'mgonna show you around the back end and the Settings panel of your snapchat anda couple of important settings to change to make sure that your snapchat isrunning optimally for a business snapchat instead of being running optimallyfor a personal snapchat which are the default settings on snapchat so you cansee again that I mean the first tab of the settings page right now which to gethere you go from the camera tab tap the little ghost at the top and there weare the top right you can see there is another Settings tab you click that and that'sthe actual settings of your account this is more going back where you manageyour friends and your QR code which I'll get into right now so the very first the thing I want to show you is the snap code which is a variation of a QR code ifyou guys are aware of that it's the ghost inside the yellow box with whatappears to be random dots around the outside they're actually not randomthey're actually dots that are unique to your account and what this is is awayfor people to add you and find you on snapchat without having to type in a usernames like we did in the previous module so I'm gonna show you how this worksreally quick on my computer I have my own QR code for my account I'm gonna goback to the camera and what you do is I'm gonna hold this up to my computer youcan see that this is my QR code from my account I'm gonna simply click thephoto button so just take the photo you can see at the top the purple loadingthing added Benjamin Wilson Benjy blue on snapchat so now if we go back to ourfriends my friends you can see Benjamin Wilson is added along with all theother accounts we already had added in the first place so it's a really cooland easy way to for people to add you on snapchat I'm gonna go into reallyunique and cool ways to use this QR code for your business to get it in frontof other people but for now, I just wanted you to understand exactly how it workedso if you want to try this feature for yourself right now go ahead and take aphoto of my own personal QR code snapcode that is on your screen within thesnapchat app on your phone so open up snapchat go to the camera screen simplyjust take a photo of this yellow box with the ghost inside that it's on yourscreen right now and I'll instantly be added to your friends on snapchat youcan even send me a message or a photo telling me you're taking this course andI'll snapchat you back wherever I am in the world so if you want to do that goahead and take a photo of it right now so the second thing I want to go throughand it's not quite on my new account yet because we haven't been using snapchatbut you can see on the account I've got in front of you which is my mainaccount my Benji blue account you can see the number three five nine six thisis what's called your snapchat score and it's important to a lot of peoplepeople try and get as high as to go as possible but what I want to point out for abusiness account perspective there is no purpose on increasing this scoreunless you're just doing it for fun and what this snap score is made up of isthe total amount of snapchats received and sent by your account on snapchatthere were a couple of other small factors that play a part that people don'tactually know the exact algorithm but in general, it's a number of snapshots orphotos videos and chats that you've both sent and received to friend onsnapchat so that's the snapchat score it doesn't really mean much right now itmight evolve over time as the platform evolves but that is the general gist ofit so coming back into my iPhone now I'm gonna show you this Settings panelwhich is the top-right gear icon I'm gonna click on that what we want to do iswe want to come in here and put in our name for our business because this iswhat will come up when we send snaps to people total pizza put in your businessname their user name is still the same mobile number if you didn't put in atthe start you can add it now you want to go ahead and confirm your emailaddress so if you click verify email they'll send you an email to this addressand you can confirm it just so you have a way to reset your password and makesure your account is secure the other thing I want you guys to do which is veryimportant comes down to the additional services and click manage you want toturn these on you want to turn filters on because this gives you an extraartistic element when you're designing what you're sending out to your fans andyou can also turn travel mode on if you have limited data which means itdoesn't use up all your data while loading all everyone's videos and photos the most important setting in here is who can so I'm gonna click send me snaps it'salready set as my friends that's preset so that snapchat doesn't want any the random person sending a personal user snapchats which is fine but for a businessif people are trying to reach you and you don't have them added mutually as afriend, yet you really want to see everybody who's sending you things becausethere might be some customer service questions or just questions about yourproducts or services and you want everyone to be able to contact you the sameis your story I'll gather the story a little bit later but for now, just clickeveryone so everyone can see the content that you're putting out there onsnapchat in serve it just being the limited network that you have added as a friend you can go through the rest of the information by yourself it's not soimportant towards promoting your business so I'm gonna leave that with you andthat's essentially everything here within the settings tab that you need toknow you know how to add friends you know how to add people from QR codes I'mgonna show you how to customize your own QR code and promote your businessusing QR codes or snap codes later in this course you also know the Settingstab there's one thing that will pop up and it'll be trophies again because of wehaven't used this account so much and we haven't had any trophies awarded to usthere'll be a trophy little icon pop up in the middle of the screen at thetop and this is just a snapchat way of encouraging you to use snapchat moreit'll award you for having a certain snap score you just earn a picture of atrophy if you send a video you own a picture of a video and it's certainly to likelittle checkpoint mark is that snapchat do to keep people entertained on theiraccount so not much there to do with promoting a business but it will be a feature that you notice that will pop up there so that's it for the settingsand the backend I'm gonna go on and show you what the stories tab is all abouthow to create stories and what they are in the next lecture I'll see you there.

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