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The Communication Mediums of Snapchat: Chat, Photos, and Videos

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December 14, 2019

So in this module and inside this lecture what I really want you to takeaway is I want you to become confident with the snap chat platform how to navigateit what does what and what the best uses of these features on snap chat are soit's gonna be a little bit of quick theory upfront but then we're really gonnaget into the fun stuff once we know the basics because the basics really willhelp us down the line connect to customers and ultimately improve and increaseour sales so the very first and one of the most important things I want to goover right now are the three communication mediums of snap chat meaning thethree outreach systems that you can use to contact other people or other userson snapchat, in the example our target audience or our potential customers so on the screen in front of you there are a few different icons so snap chat use theseicons as symbols to display a meaning behind them so the three main ones I knowthere's a lot in front of you right now but there are three main ones to focuson so there's red-purple and blue and what I want you to notice is every timeyou see a red icon or this pinky-red sort of color it means that you'vereceived or sent a photo so a photo is the number one communication medium thepurple one means you have sent or received a video so anything that has purplehere here here here and the screenshots and the replays they're all to do withvideos the third one is a chat which is just text so someone sends you textthat you have sent someone text pretty much just like an SMS or a whatsapp the message, so they're the three main ones to remember what I'm gonna do now, iswalk you through the variations of each color and what they mean you can see there are little descriptions under him and I'm actually here at support snapcomm where you can find a lot of really cool resources if you are strugglingwith the basics, after you make it through this module it's great to come hereand check out all the resources that snapchat give you but we can also justfocus the most important ones which I'll be walking you through right now soanytime it's read it's going to be a photo there's gonna be as you can see onetwo three four five six different sorts of red icons so the first one here is a theysay a snap sent without audio most of the time it's going to be a photo so thiscolored in little arrow here means you've sent a photo to somebody and they havenot opened it yet once they open your photo so once they receive and view your the photo you're gonna then see this hollow little arrow icon so you've sent itthey view it and it goes hallo and it will stay hallo if someone sends you apicture it'll be a square instead of the colored in arrow it's a colored insquare once you view your picture you will now have a hollow square ascreenshot so a screenshot on the iPhone is holding the home button and the offbutton at the same time and you can take a photo of what's on your screen ifsomeone takes a screenshot of your photo you're gonna see this little icon popup instead of this one here meaning someone saved it to their device your photoand if they replay your snap you're allowed one replay every day if they usethe replay on your snap on your photo you get the red replay icon so the same the thing goes with the video if you send the video it's gonna be the colored inpurple once your friend receives the video and views it's gonna be a holo a the whole of the arrow that is once you receive a video from a friend it's gonna be a full square you view it goes to a hollow square if you take a screenshot ofa video it's gonna send this to your friend and if they take a screenshot ofyour video they're gonna send this icon to you and the replay is the sameobviously there's no replay for a chat because you can't replay some you can'treplay text but every other icon goes the same for chat snapcash will betouching on that later in this course but basically that's sending money tosomeone using snapchat snapcash feature and this gray one here meaning ithasn't sent you may not be connected to Wi-Fi or somebody may not you as a friend and not allow you to send photos so this just means the snapchat easierthey're still trying to send or hasn't been sent these are the most importantthings in snapchat to remember theory wise I'm gonna jump into the app and showyou these live to give you a better understanding but once again if you have tostudy any of these just these three right here red purple blue photo video chatis the easiest way to remember them let's go ahead and jump over to my iPad andI'll show you these in action great so we're back inside my snapchat now andwhat I want to do quickly before I show you these icons as you can see on your the screen in action I wanted to show you the different tabs of snapchat so tostart well on the snapchat newsfeed tab so this is where everything that peoplesend you to come in whether it be a chat a video or a photo now if I scroll to theright it goes to the camera tab you're looking at a brown towel with some coinson it and my iPad and this is where you send and create media in order to shareit with your fans and your customers so I'm gonna swipe to the right again thishere is the stories tab I'm gonna get into this a little bit later but I justwant you to see how snapchat is laid out one more time to the right is thediscover tab this discover tab isn't so important to us as a business so we'renot gonna touch on that too much but I will show you a little bit more about itso back through the stories tab back through the camera tab to the newsfeed tabthere is one more tab to the left which I'm gonna show you right now but youcan't just scroll to the left I'm trying to swipe to left-right now you have toactually click on somebody's name and swipe them to the left and as you can seethis is my other account which I'm using on my iPad right now and that openswhat's called the chat tab so I could chat to myself or I could chat to the teamsnapchat as you can see they've actually chatted to us once we have signed up soyou can remember - the three symbols that we went through the blue the red andthe purple symbols you can see on my screen now I have two of them in front ofme one from Team snapchat which is purple meaning it's a video and the one frommyself which I just set myself to demonstrate to you guys is the red one whichmeans it's a photo so I'm gonna go ahead and click the purple one all I'm gonnado is tap team chat snap chat name and it'll open their snapchat in the video you coolso that was team snapchats video I didn't play it all because it was a lot ofvideo you get the idea though so the next one is a photo from myself so I'm justgonna tap that and there's the photo that I just took for my iPad and send itto my device, the last one is the text so the blue one is text so I'm justlogging in with my iPad right now I'm just gonna send myself a message sayinghi you can see a little notification comes in at the top and the little iconnext to bench blue now becomes blue and it's full which is a chat message soI'm gonna swipe to the left and you can see that I've written to myself hi canI push the arrow on the top right to go back you can now see that the snapchat the symbol has become Hollow because I've read it the cool thing about snapchat ifI try and go back the message is now gone that is the whole idea of snapchatmeaning everything is temporary and you can only view it once there is if youremember the replay feature where you can replay either one photo or one videoper day but apart from that there's no seeing a snapchat again once you'veplayed it through the snapchat app so that's it the basics of the three mediumsof communication, I hope that makes a lot of sense to you if it doesn't go aheadand look at the resource on the support snapchat comms website and I'll see youin the next lecture where I show you more around snapchats platform.

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