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Exclusive Offers and Creative Snapchat Challenges 

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December 14, 2019

So the great thing about snapchat being a new platform means there are new strategies and new promotional campaigns and methods coming out by businesses every single day as people figure out the platform they figure out what works best and what their fans respond to in the best way so there's a lot of different ways you can have exclusive offers and creative snapchat challenges for your businesses some common ones are scavenger hunts around a city looking for clues and you leave that clues by your snapchat story that and the winner wins a prize or a discount or a gift card to your business there's a lot of different ways you can go today I just wanted to share one that was really creative by 16 handles it was run as one of very first snapchat promotions in the early months of 2014 and it significantly increased 16 handles the yogurt shops sales for the period of time that way it was run and it's a super-smart campaign I'm gonna read to you an exactly what they did and hopefully, it inspires ideas or gives you some motivation to create some of your own cool creative campaigns with your snapchat fans so a recent snapchat promotion run by New York City-based yogurt shops 16 handles worked in three steps first step you'd send a picture or a snapchat image of yourself tasting yogurt on sight of the company's snapchat account so you go into a frozen yogurt store that had the branding 16 handles of course, you take a photo of you sampling one of their flavors which you can do for free send it to their snapchat account and then 16 handles would automatically send a snapchat image of a coupon back to your account finally and most importantly you'd have to wait to open the snap container coupon and to you at the register ready to redeem the coupon so you had to literally open the snapchat that you get back from the company at the register as you're checking out and paying for your item and inside there is a coupon and you don't know how much the coupon is worth into you're holding a bucket or frozen your griddle ice cream that you're about to pay for the coupon was anywhere between 16 percent off to a hundred percent off your purchase, you don't know how much you got off so you could have got 16 percent off could have got 20 percent off or you could have got a hundred percent off but the thing is people love this novelty and they love the chance to get a free frozen yogurt so they were running into 16 handle stores to try and get as big of a tub as possible and fill it with frozen yogurt and then go and see what they won what coupon they won when they get to the register and I mean they could have found out that they only got 16 percent off and still had to pay quite a bit of money for this bucket of ice cream but the thing was that it really did work and really did help their business during this time and it's a super-smart the intuitive promotion that they ran because it really does incorporate some awesome features that snapchat have such as live back-and-forth texting and the fact that the coupon will disappear in ten seconds so you have to open it the register so you should have a think about how you can run something like this for your business, it might be just coupons off if you can draw a picture of yourself wearing one of your shirts for your company can be anything let your mind go free write down some great ideas that you're having and then try them out try them out one by one and see how they go looking forward to seeing how they go let me know in the discussion if you have some success I'd love to hear it.

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