Introduction to Snapchat Marketing Strategy

Introduction to Snapchat

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December 14, 2019

A very big thank you and a warmwelcome for being inside my snapchat course I reallyappreciate you being here and I also have to congratulate you because you'vemade a great decision and signing out for snapchat marketing inside this courseI break down the strategies from the biggest businesses with the biggest budgetson snapchat and I'll show you how they use a snapchat platform to increasetheir business and increase their revenue and I'm gonna show you how you cangrow your brand and increase your revenue for yourself I've broken down thecontent into six modules module one is the introduction and the Welcome I'llshow you how to set up a snapchat account for your business or brand and thenI'll show you how to follow the top one percent of brands currently on snapchatso you can see what works for them and what they're doing to grow theirbusinesses in section two I'm gonna give you the two on overview so you're ahundred percent knowledgeable about the snapchat platform how it works and thenwe can use that knowledge in section 3 when we go into how why when and what topost on snapchat to see the best results mowing of your account codesleverage your existing social media use your website and email list andleverages snapchat following to grow your account and reach new peoplein Section five I show you how to make money and gather leads from your snapchatfollowing doing this through lead magnets and emails coupons and exclusiveoffers and challenges of Instagram app tricks and strategies to accelerate yourgrowth and the results that you see on snapchat snapchat right now has thehighest content consumption to use the ratio than any other social mediaplatform out there right now it's an amazing opportunity for you to get yourbrand in front of new eyes and build strong relationships with these newfollowers of yours if you're a complete beginner or never have heard ofsnapchat before I'm gonna show you by holding your hand and walking you throughthis entire course exactly how your business can benefit from snapchat and ifyou ever need some additional help and posts in the discussions tab and I'llget back with answers to your questions within 24 hours so without further adolet's go ahead and jump into the knowledge.

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