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Using Snapchat Coupons to Reward and Entice Your Followers 

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December 14, 2019

So now I'm gonna show you how you can use coupons and promotions inorder to reward and entice your snapchat followers so once again any time you wantyour snapchat followers to take any action either offer them the value of some kindwhether it be signing up to an email address or buying a product you're gonnahave sort of like sales event or reason why they should so using coupons is a veryeasy way to motivate people to buy things from your site or a service that youoffer because they have a limited time to use this coupon and if they don'tthey don't get that same offer ever again so it really does give peoplemotivation to buy products and services that you may have for sale so in frontof you is an example of one of these coupons it's just a simple coupon codewhich is spicy and if you go to whatever website this is it actually be good ifthey added what website this was if you go to that website and enter the wordspicy at checkout you'll get 15% off your order so the second one that pitch isa little small but I thought was a really cool well-fitting business it's apizza business a turtle pizzeria could be using this it's got used code sliceto get a discount it doesn't say how much which is again smart similar to the16 handles coupon campaign that they had they don't know how much they get off theirorder until they've already placed or until they've already set up they're allthat ready to pay so it really does take away a lot of friction in order becausethey have to set up their order that pizza build it online and then enterthe coupon code and if it's an even if it's only a 1% discount there's stillpeople who are gonna be ordering that pizza and lastly if you can read thisthis is another 10% voucher off a website but you can see down the bottom itsays 4 minutes and 38 seconds left to redeem meaning that they have a time timeon this so they really want an influx of sales and they want people to take actionimmediately after reading their snapchat so make sure you don't lie about thismake sure if it if you are offering a five yeah five minutes the sale and youget 10% off only have the sale for five minutes and people then tune in to yoursnapchats often if they know they've missed the first one or the second one andit really is a cool way to have it quick five-minute sales event get a littlebit of revenue in or get a few new customers in the door for your business soyou can then potentially upsell them down the line so I want you to create somecoupons for your business and send them out on snapchat in some creative ways thatmay be enticing to your audience and your customers I bet you guys can get somegreat results remember to always promote an event over an offer.

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