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Strategy #2: Using Snapchat Art to Grow Your Account

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December 14, 2019

So In this lecture, I'mgonna show you a really really cool phenomenon that happened with snapchatcalled snapchat art now you can see in front of you a picture of Obama or animitation picture of Obama that was drawn a hundred percent on snapchatalthough it doesn't look amazing what the phenomenon is it's because of the toolson snapchat are so limited some of the art there that people create businessescreate are really incredible and they get shared a ton just because they havelimited tools and they create something really effective so I put togetherabout six or seven cool snapchat art designs designed by both personal andbusiness accounts in order to one have fun with their own account and also totry and get people to share their pitches and accounts and therefore pick upmore followers for their own accounts so I highly recommend if you have anartistic side or if you know somebody in your company who does give them yoursnapchat and ask them to create something really cool and then share it and seehow it goes a big tip I've gone to before I show you these six or seven pitchesis to put your snapchat username on top of the art so when it does get sharedthat people can tie it back to you so Obama is a really cool first one and thiswas during the time of the elections second one here's one from Chase here'sone from just a personal account they've done a really cool little intricateskeleton with lots of shading and then Dunkin Donuts with a believe it's thecookie most monster converted to Donuts all look really cool and reallyprofessional and really invite people to share them I mean that's how I foundthese pitches I was googling online snapchat art for the best snapchat Ott's toshow you guys and I came across these so they do get out there online and theydo spread this one was just a little fun personal one it's a selfie of Libertyyou can see Johnny's phone in his own hand and drawn himself as the Statue ofLiberty he's a really cool Hey Arnold won again you can pick relevant themesand relevant topics that are in the news or current with your business right nowand you can create snapchat it's about those these ones are very highly skilledones I put in here is an amazing photo of a girl's face and a photo of Bruce theshark from Finding Nemo both of them really well-drawn and very shareable ifyou can create anything like this I highly encourage it although it is veryhard just trying your best and using your artistic side to create somethingmore funny more like they're cooking my salon may be easier for you this guyactually has a snapchat account called the rock lobster and he creates lobsterson his account and he gets a lot of followers because everyone knows him as therock lobster and he's pretty highly skilled at all the things that he createsas you can see by the pictures in front of you and finally this was GrubHubthey did their own art and this was part of a promotion if you sent in a cooldoodle of the food that you were eating you could win $50 worth a free GrubHuband you can see they used art to promote this themselves so if you are gonna bedoing I so here's a little trick that gets you more colors on snapchat you cansee the snapchat color palette is always gonna be on the right but if you dragif you put your finger on the color you want and drag to the left you're gonnaget different shades of this color and if you drag down again as you can see inthe middle pane you're also gonna get different shades of this color you can doit and you can actually get a white color which is not only color palette bydragging down and into the top left of your screen and you can get alldifferent sides of gray by dragging down left and then up the little snapchattricks that a lot of people use when creating snap art that not a lot of peopledon't know about so it is really cool if you're going to go into this to usethese additional colors so get creative use these free businesses and see how Ican get people to share the.

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