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Leverage your existing Snapchat fans for Exponential Results

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March 11, 2021

So the final thing Iwant to talk about is leveraging your existing snapchat phone so we go throughall these methods to build up our snapchat vine with attracting hundreds maybethousands of snapchat followers through all these other outreach methods butnow we want to leverage these followers so we can access their friends andtheir networks to grow a snapchat followings there are three main ways to do thisis one which is a little bit cliche but it is the most effective way to shareyour snapchat between everyone's friends but I'll start with the other two the first way is called screenshot and share so when someone is viewing your storyand you have the call-to-action screenshot and share what it means is they wantto take a screenshot of what's on the screen or your advertisement and thenShare it with their friends through sending it directly to them or post you totheir story and a lot of people do this to win competitions or to share funnystuff if you've got a really funny or valuable post that other people will wanttheir friends to see as well you can just put the screenshot and share call toaction on any one of your snaps and that gives the potential to reach every oneof your followers so that is a huge network if you have a reasonablesize snapchat following the second of the three things I called shout outs sowhat this does if you have similar businesses or similar brands or even peoplethat have the following that you want on snapchat you can either pay them or tradethey for setup and what this means is someone like Logan Pohl who has millionsof snapchat users has given Sour Patch Kids bears a shout-out because they paidhim to and this means that the millions of followers following Logan pull theysee that as a funny snapchat look and poles endorsing it so they're gonna goahead and follow salvaged kids on snapchat and that's gonna significantlyincrease their following and they get to keep those followers forever and keepputting their content in front so this is really valuable for a shadow you cantrade shoutouts or something if there's a similar business you could say followthem and a similar business could promote your account and they could followyou so you're sharing as long as you have equal size following it's always agood fan deal for both I know but it's by far the most powerful way to growyour following over time its word of mouth and it's by putting out really highquality content at all times if you can successfully entertain and inform yourtarget audience they're gonna want to share it with their friends I remember Iwas sitting on the couch and I was watching Z the DJ one of his snapchats andit was one of his concerts and there were thousands of people there watching and my a friend was like oh that looks like a really cool snapchat feat who is that Itold him it was said and he followed it right down the spot what a mouth reallypowerful because there isn't a newsfeed and there is no hashtag and organicsearch so the best way that people discover people through word of mouth andother social platforms so that summarizes how to grow your snapchat account Iwant you to take action will be on these and let me know how they go for yourbrand. 

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