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Creating your Unique Snapcode for your Snapchat account

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December 14, 2019

So I'm gonna show youhow to customize your snapchat QR code or snap code in this lecture becauseit really will increase the number of people who take the call to action andfollow you on snapchat more than just sharing your username around this is a cool unique tool to snapchat and a lot of people are using it right nowso it'd be cool if you could create your custom snap code I'll showyou exactly how and when I'm gonna show you where and how to share this newsnap code that we've created so the first thing you what we want to do is wewant to go to accounts dot snapchat command I'll leave this link in theresources you can also just Google download snap code you can click the toplink and then they will just put up a link right here download your code andthat should take us to the same window we're at cool so once you here go-aheadand log in confirm that you're not a robot and then click login and this willgive you a download button to download your very own snap code which you cansee right here is this is what the snap code is we went over this in the firstmodule so click download and it will download to your computer in a high-resform in a zip once you unzip it you'll see that it has guidelines you canread through it has a PNG version and an SVG version so I open the PNG versionwith Photoshop because I use Photoshop to edit images you can use somethingthat can but if you don't Photoshop or Microsoft Paint or anything that you'regood at you can also go to and higher graphic design artists to putyour logo in there I'll put something cool in there if you're not good withdesigning pictures I imported my into Photoshop and I just put my Benji bluelogo and change the white ghost to blue very basic but it makes my stamp codeunique and I'd probably do more if I had more time I just mock this up for youguys just to show you that you could put anything inside this little wait go straighthere and the stamp code would still function as normal so this is your littleadvertising spot in here I can change color to any color I wanted and it wouldstill work there are some guidelines not letter touch the yellow area and themsuggest you don't change the color of the yellow area but you candon't change the borders or move any of these dots all this black border here Iwould just stay within the ghost just to be sure that it's going well andyou're not messing up anything when people scan the code but some people haveand I'll show you some examples of some custom codes just to give you someideas of what to do with your business so this is my brand let's go ahead I'vedone like Google search here for snap codes and you can see a whole lot ofdifferent people this person's made there's pink or this one's madea nice gradient of like some City colors once again you are advised not to dothat but it is possible if you want to go that far just test that it works onceyou've created it this is the next web they've got a little picture in thereand then their logo at the top this one's pink again over here this one's closeup of the face, I might say if you want just a photo of yourself you can goinside the snapchat app click on this right here tap to add a selfie-and youcan just add your face like it's showing you right now as your snapchat code ifyou wanted it as that most people want to like a picture a brand this person'sdone something cool and edited the ghost this one is great someone'sgoing to a lot of trouble putting their logo and uh and a cartoon picture of themin there so just come in here and have a look around and see what everybodyelse has done and got an idea for what you have done this is where I got my inspirationfrom my logo just dark blue with my logo in there you can see they've also the added text below it you can do that too once you have customized your QR code youcan use this to put in various positions in the upcoming lectures I'll show youwhere you can share it specifically but one I wanted to go over and this like isbusiness scotch you could have dedicated snapchat business cards which you canget from really really cheap like one cent a card and what you do is you canput your QR code or your snap code on the business card with a call-to-action likeyou see in front of you make sure you do have a reason why people want tofollow you a lot of people will just scan your code for fun if they come acrossit because it is fun adding people but if you have a special offer or a reasonfor people to follow you you're gonna get more and more people to follow youfrom these business cards, you can leave them at the counter if you run aphysical store you can send them out with products that people order if yousend out products there are a million ways you can share these cards and themdo spread and people love adding people and snapchat so I highlyrecommend if you're taking snapchat seriously to get some business cards madeup so that's it for creating your custom QR code there's a lot of different waysyou can do it it's really up to you I'm gonna go ahead and show you how to growyour account now with this QR code and other different platforms online.

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