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Snapchat Stories Tab

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December 14, 2019

Okay, so now I'm gonna talk about a little bit about when to personal Instagramwhat is the optimal time to post I'm only talking about this because it is a very common question with all social media platforms however if you rememberback to when I told you about snap stories you remember that snapchat is not a normalsocial media platform let's go our head and go back to my stories tab onceagain content is not organized in order that it was posted in so what this meansis there is really no optimal time to post or no bad time to post on snapchatsimply because content lifespan lasts for 24 hours which means for the entire the day the anyone logs on to their story tab they are likely to see your snapchatas long as they're not following a ridiculous amount of people and they're mostlikely going to be viewing it so it doesn't matter what time of the day you the post is the main takeaway from this lecture because it automatically does thesame thing and post to your story for 24 hours which means it covers the entire the day even when it comes to direct messaging which is directly sending photoschats or videos to people such as in your newsfeed window it lasts the medialasts until someone views it so you can see where everyone has viewed everythingI've sent because they're all hollow if they were full icons and memes theyhadn't viewed yet but everything you send on snapchat pretty much gets viewedbecause there's a curiosity element to it if someone sends me a photo I don'tknow who it's from and I'll have to do is tap on to see what it is I'm mostlikely gonna tap on it because I'm really curious at what this image is and if I don't click it there's no way I'll ever find out so the best time to post andthe best time to post stories on snapchat is any time of the day you want.

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