Best Customer Service, and Care In the World

Tactic #3: The Best Customer Service, and Care In the World 

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December 14, 2019

So right now I want toshow you something really unique and really special because there's not manypeople if any doing it out there right now for their businesses and it willreally will set you apart from the rest and make a huge impact on your businesswhat it is is it's a snapshot live video chat and you can talk one-on-one videoto video like a sort of like a Skype call with any of your friends on snapchatthrough the app and this is incredible because you can offer customer servicehelp someone with a service or a productthat they've purchased for you educate them abouttheir products they're making a buying decision or just get one-on-one with acustomer and interview them and see what products they want and see what needsthey have and you can then adjust your business practices based on theseinterviews it's a really incredible opportunity and not many people are takingadvantage of it so I'm gonna show you I'm inside the snapchat out right now Ijust want to show you how to use this function or where to find it should I sayand then we're gonna go across to snapchats website and show you exactly how touse this function so once again we want to get to the chat function for turtlepizzeria you can see total pizza raised about in the middle to the upper sideto the upper half of my screen right now then hold their name and swipe to theleft and that opens the chat panel as you can remember now what you need to doin order live chat is you need to ping the person or message the person andtell them to jump on their chat window for you at the same time and whathappens when you're both online or both on the chat window at the same time isthat yellow box you see down there that takes a photo normally if you're bothonline at the same time it's gonna turn blue it's gonna have a blue littlecircle in the middle and it's gonna be the function the button you press to getlive video once you press it you'll be able to see their front-facing cameraand they'll be able to see your front-facing camera and you can talkface-to-face about anything you want really is unique that's where to find ithere in the snapchat I'm gonna go ahead and show you how to use it now usingsnapchats guide on their website so now we're here on this snapchat Support the website I'm gonna show you exactly what the video chat looks like using theirhelp system because I'm not going to be able to do it to myself to demonstrateso the little yellow icon like this that you saw on my phone will turn bluewhen you're both online and you can practice this with a friend and just seehow it works so you can get used to it when you're talking with a customer allwe have to do is you have to press and hold the blue button to immediately sendlive video and audio of yourself to a friend so it's live broadcasting justlike a Skype call but you have to hold down the blue button and keep your thumbheld down the entire time so once again the video chat press it at the sametime as your friends so you can just both push it at pretty much the same timeand it'll work drag your finger up or down to switch views from the frontfacing the camera to the back-facing the camera so you drag your finger to the top toget the back-facing the camera and to the bottom to get the front-facing camerawhich is your face of course and to lock your screen in place there's a little a gift that shows you this so there's a little lock padlock thing and it comes upup down the bottom and you just have to drag your video feed on to the padlockthing and it will lock it in place so you can have a full face-to-face calljust like on skype and talk to your customers and talk to people who areinterested in your products and really just connect with them once again it'san incredible opportunity and I highly highly suggest you try it out evenadvertising that you offer this to your fans would be really cool so in your the snap story you could say have any questions about our products connect us onlive chat simply send us a snapchat picture with your username or with a timethat you want to chat and we'll jump on and we'll have a live chat with you totalk more about our products so that's it for this method I hope this issomething that's valuable to you because I know it is very unique and I knowthat a lot of businesses could really get a lot of value out of this.

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