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Critical Snapchat Content Mindsets for Optimal Results

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December 14, 2019

Welcome to module three this is an important module because I'm going toshow you what why how and when to post on your snapchat in order to get the bestresults for your fans and users so first things first I'm gonna give you somecontent mindsets to have that underlie all the other questions were going toask throughout this module and really give you a good perception of what you'redoing when you're posting on snapchat so in my mind there are two different waysthat you can be posting on snapchat one is a given post and the other is a takepost so a given post is something offering value to your fans so it may be afreebie may be a voucher it may be just entertainment or anything educationalabout your brand, this is giving your entertaining your fans a take post is yourproducts or your services or an email lead capture any call to action that youwant your fans to take this is a take post in time that you're posting onsnapchat that you want to have a good balance of these two factors give the postwants to be 95 percent of the content that you put out there and a take post is5 percent so that's one in 20 things you can offer a service or a product or somethingthat you really benefit from its 5 percent of the time the rest of the timeyou're really trying to build brand familiarity people who like your brand justgetting in front of them so you build strong connections with every one of yourfans it's super beneficial for you because when they need one of yourproducts or services they're gonna know you and trust you and they're not gonnago to one of your competitors but they're going to go to you so this is more ofan indirect result of snapchat it's from a direct post that five percent of thetake posts that you give built a strong relationship with your fans so withoutfurther ado let's go ahead and answer the rest of the questions showing you howwhen and what to post on snapchat I'll see you guys there.

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