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Correctly setting your title attribute

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June 15, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video let's go over how to write your title was this title section of your product because this product title is extremely important because remember you cannot control key words like you can't control key words and add words here so the only time you get to use keywords is in your title and your description of your product ok so the keywords that you use here are really important we're gonna go over some of the best practices but this is where you would enter your product keywords in your product now keep in mind don't make it super SEO only don't make it like keyword keyword keyword keyword it has to also be nice for people and enticing and compelling for people to read as well because people are ultimately going to be the ones clicking on it okay so now let's go over the good practices on how to create this this is a page straight from Google.

So we're going straight from the source and their documentation and I'll have the link here to this in the ledge in the description of this video in the resources section and right here it talks about what to do what not to do for example don't use caps don't have links in it in your title things like that and you can read it extensively here it's long for me to read you can do it on your own now I just wanted to talk about some good things bad best practices to use so you're allowed all 150 characters in your title or for your product they recommend that they say that users will sometimes see the only 70 or fewer characters so you wanna you want to put your most important enticing elements of your product title in the first seventy characters and definitely use up all hundred fifty characters because they're going to be using your keywords from this to figure out for which searches they need to put your product up there now a little bit of advice some keywords are gonna be great for you example my client has a grout cleaning product.

Okay so grout cleaning product are his fantastic good keywords but what about home cleaning product do you think that's a good example well if hearings for home cleaning products then most people who search that are not particularly looking to clean grout they might be looking to you know anything else for the home vacuum cleaners the range is so big that he's going to have a lot of false positives and he has to pay for every click so the the further your keywords are from the from the thing that what exactly your product is the lower your conversion rate will start being and the more you're gonna be wasting money because remember you're paying for the each click so sometimes too many keywords ends up being this having ends up making your product listing dis focused and the people who will come from them are less perfect for your product okay so you probably want to have a narrower focus because the narrower the focus the more it means that the very correct people are landing on your ad only people you know if the ad is for grout cleaning product then only people who want to clean grout are the ones now you can say grout cleaning products for tile for bathroom for shower it's all the fit but not home cleaning or not even kitchen cleaning because you know there's so many things you can do in the kitchen kitchen to clean that it becomes tricky then you get a lot of false positives same thing with my business plan book business plan book is the ideal keyword for the book but what about a business book hmm yeah maybe but like there's so many people who want to learn business but they don't want business planning that I get a lot a start to get a lot of false positives so you know intrapreneurship book again a lot of false positives maybe some people will be into it and it's possible to interest people who might not otherwise be interested in business planning but you're paying to do that whereas business plan book is the perfect perfect perfect keyword for a business plan book every other keyword kinda is gonna have a slightly lesser conversion and you're gonna be paying for less quality leads with those clicks so think about that when you're adding your title because this is important because you're literally gonna be you know you're gonna be putting your money here so you really have to make sure it's not a waste.

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