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Keyword exercise for Google Shopping

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January 31, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video I want to walk you through an example of how I would come up with a lot of different keyboard variations in that for the title so that the title so you can get the most out of your title in terms of what keywords Google is going to pull out okay and so you keep in mind we have to make it make sure that this title gives you all the good matches because it's not like SEO because you'll be paying for every click SEO you get free clicks so you don't mind getting extra traffic which maybe not the highest targeting or the best time getting but you still take it right because maybe some of those people will convert but here you're paying for every click so you better convert so you better target some of the most highly converting keywords and so what I did is to make a blurb of about a hundred fifty characters what we have to do is come up with a few variations obviously my book the best search for that for it is the business plan book but take a look you know a business planning book entrepreneurship book business plan template book business plan examples okay so we got the keyword template we got the keyword examples how to write you see right writing a business plan we can also do something like business you know planner and you know some variations of keywords like that and we can say for yours. So we've got all our keywords here from all these variations essentially while at the same time this title actually reads reasonably well for people who might be searching that's really important but at the same time it has a lot of different keywords and so we're targeting a lot of searches that are all highly targeted and we would love to get every single one of these people searching we'd love to get every one of them to get on our product page because they are fantastic fantastically they're looking for exactly what we have now let me give you some ideas for how to pull out some keywords. If you're running out of ideas I just search group for business plan book as you can see and there's a whole bunch of business plan books now you can piggyback off of some of them in your maybe description if you can kind of get away with it but it's not really recommended but you can say hey this is not business planning for dummies this is something better and so right away look you know you get this keyword but I also take a look at all the other books in at least in my case of course for your case you would look at what the books in your case would be saying but I don't know what your book is so it's hard for me to say or your product is so for my example you can see writing you see this book in the middle it's got writing a business plan I pulled out that keyword right there that was a good idea here's the word successful I didn't take that but you could you can also say you know from my knowledge I know that people want templates and examples so I had those two words and also I really thought I didn't see this here but I thought to myself like hmm like I think you know who would want this it definitely intrapreneur so then I snuck that word in there so that's essentially how you would at least get a couple of keywords and keep in mind this list of the books here that's not what we're after we're not gonna end up here we're gonna end up right here okay the google shopping but anyway we still want to be here so that's how you that's an exercise for you for how to create keywords so now for your business whatever your product is that you want to promote come up with a list of keywords like that and maybe you can post them in the course this discussion area and I'll take a look and I'll give you some feedback if you'd like so that will be your exercise.

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