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January 31, 2020

Video Transcription: Welcome to the course my name is Alex Kennedy Nick and I'll be your instructor I sincerely appreciate the time and trust that you're putting into me in this course and I'll do whatever I can to make sure you get a lot of value from the course starting with I make sure to answer 99% of student questions within 24 hours and I regularly hold office hours where you and I can have a one-on-one conversation at some point about your business now let me tell you about this course in what you can expect this course has the most effective ecommerce strategies that there are my business is ecommerce every day I sell sell sell on Amazon on academy everywhere and my clients how I have hundreds of clients including million-dollar sellers some of the case studies the of which you'll see in this course and you'll get a lot of ideas for how I sell and how my clients sell who are very effective and the main idea is that you have to focus on the most effective strategies and execute those most effective strategies to your best ability that's when success happens if you get confused and start pursuing secondary or tertiary marketing strategies that's the path to not succeed and that's the path to get this focused and confused so this course has all you need I only put the most important strategies here what you're going to get is how to sell from your own website how to sell from large sites like Amazon and other gigantic platforms online using recommendation algorithms SEO. I'm going to show you how to recruit affiliates I'm gonna show you how to run certain types of very profitable ads specifically for selling products not just random annual ads but specifically for selling products so the strategies here are very very focused on e-commerce and it's got the most effective things so I'm very excited about it now a couple of housekeeping things before we get started a lot of students message me and they say Alex why do you ask for a review so early and actually I don't it's a pop-up that Academy gives you it's confusing to students because it comes early and instructors don't really love that because how do you know if like the course when the reviews early my goal of course is to make sure that everyone has a five-star experience if something is missing let me know something is wrong with the course something's not right let me know I actually update the course all the time and I make sure to keep it very current if whenever you look at the last update date of this course it's going to show a very recent date because I'm constantly listening to student feedback and try to make the course better and better I'm always thinking of how do I make this course better and I know how to make it better precisely from feedback of students like you so I look forward to your ideas also if you use the subtitles in this course they're auto-generated by you to me I have no control over sometimes they're a little inaccurate just because they have to understand my voice and it's imperfect so sometimes they will be in not right and another technical issue that sometimes comes up for students is the videos can be blurry I filmed all the videos in HD but sometimes with you too me and the resolution issues the videos can be blurry you can fix that by using the settings option on your video player on the bottom right there's usually a setting and you can adjust the resolution to make the videos more focused when I do screencasts that might help you see better so with that we've covered all the introductory things so let's get into the course I'm excited I hope you're excited let's get started.

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