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Setting up your Webmaster Tools

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January 31, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video we are going to begin using the very first SEO tool that you should use and you should use this as soon as you set up your website so the first day you have your website you need to start using this tool it's slash webmasters so you just go slash webmasters and you go to sign in if you already have a Google account you already have an account here so you click on sign in for me I've already submitted my websites in your case you're gonna need to submit your website so when I click sign in it's going to take me to my website what about yours in your case you're gonna need to add your website so on the Left panel here you're gonna pull this down and you're going to say add property and that's gonna be your website it's going to give you a code you upload that code to the root directory of your website if you don't know how to do that yourself you can ask whoever is setting up your website to do that but it's they give you instructions it's pretty easy depending on the technology you use to set up your site you can upload it through FTP just basically file transfer software or however you upload things onto your site if you don't know how to do that the person who's setting up your website will do that for you but it's basically to verify that the website is yours and you have control over it you have to put some kind of a little code or a little file on your site to the Google knows you are the owner by the way sorry for my voice I'm a little bit sick I hope it doesn't sound like I'm sick but I'm working hard even one sick making videos for you so when your site is verified we're gonna use this tool to see which keywords you're already ranking for we're gonna use this tool to submit your sitemap to make sure that all the pages on your site are crawlable and that Google knows about them so they can begin ranking faster so for now just submit your website here and what we're going to do the next video is we're gonna create your sitemap for your website and then we're going to upload it here so that Google begins immediately crawling all your pages and indexing them and that will help you rank all your pages faster.

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