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Setting up your audience to remarket to in Ads

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January 31, 2020

Video Transcription: Once you've set up your shared library settings and have chosen remarketing option you can begin to set up the list of pages that were visited that you want people who visited those pages to come to get to come back to your to that page or whatever other page you might want to funnel them to and you will click on shared library and the audience area and what you would do is you can I already have this populated because I already put some of my websites in there what pages but you can click this remarketing list and you can choose the website visitors option and what you're gonna get is the name for your field which is the name is arbitrary. So you can say test using me video and the visitors to a page the only interesting other option is that you can choose either just random visitors to a page that happened to visit it or visitors of a page who did not visit another page that means makes it more specific that those visitors have a very specific interest in that particular page and use that it excludes people who maybe they were browsing a lot of pages on your site and they just happen to have come across that one page that you want to retarget but they don't they don't necessarily have a strong interest in that particular pages topic so this way you can exclude them but for now for this example sake let's just leave that and here is that here's where you put the URL for example you have com that come and maybe business and test that HTML and URL campaigns so there's no mistake there's no way to have a duplicate because you have your dot-com slash business slash your directory structure slash your page so there's no way to have a duplicate you can also set the duration of time the days the two other retarget people at some point people really just lose interest so beyond 30 days people probably moved on with their lives but you can do this for a longer amount if you longer period of time if you'd like and you can experiment that depending on your audience and depending on the type of interest different set of days like make sense and when you're done with that you can just click Save and you'll be taken back to the list of your audiences and you will be all there for you to see and in the next step we're gonna do go further in setting up our ads.

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